Starbucks and Nespresso Calling the Shots in New Coffee Capsule Range

There are some clever people at Nespresso. Not only do they serve our coffee just how we like to take it, they know – as the new Starbucks by Nespresso range reveals – that coffee is an ingrained and essential part of our daily lives. Combining the smoothly luxurious, Clooney-conjuring indulgence of Nespresso with the grab-and-go speed of a Starbucks, the innovative Starbucks by Nespresso capsules unite two aspects of our coffee customs.

In the YCB HQ, morning coffee takes place in one of two ways. A Nespresso after the early commute spells a more leisurely weekday morning. With an inbox (reasonably) under control and orders running to the second (well, hour, perhaps…), we can take a moment to sip and savour. The silver Nespresso machine in the office kitchen whirs happily as it tops a no hassle, no mess coffee with a crema worthy of any Neapolitan bystreet.

Stylish as they are (even Anna Wintour’s a fan), Starbucks can foreshadow a more frantic Monday morning. Caffeine is needed right now, en route to the office, amid thoughts of the multiple errands demanding attention. White lid fastened securely on an Americano, Starbucks is made for on-the-go sipping. This is a coffee hit for power-walking productivity; no time to gaze at an expert crema here.

Starbucks by Nespresso is, therefore, something of a masterful partnership. Uniting the ease and elegance of Nespresso with the motivational speed of a Starbucks, the pair of global brands might have nailed it when it comes to caffeine satisfaction.

With a line-up of eight popular blends, everyone’s go-to brew is available. The new range offers all the Starbucks staples from a mellow Blonde Espresso Roast to the dark and soulful Caffe Verona, while House Blend, Columbia and Pike Place satisfy those preferring a Medium roast. The capsules, moreover, are packaged in sleek black boxes guaranteed to add a sophisticated touch to any kitchen counter.

Style and suavity aside, the Starbucks by Nespresso range promises delicious ventures for all caffeine connoisseurs. Nespresso’s unique capsules are made from airtight aluminium which prevents oxidation tarnishing the beans, and the new collection sees the brand launch this pioneering technology outside the Nespresso business for the very first time. Coffee lovers can rest assured; each Starbucks by Nespresso capsule guarantees to serve up a fresh, full-bodied caffè Italian servers would be proud to call their own. Starbucks baristas would be more than satisfied, too.

Neil Stephens, Managing Director of Nestle’s Beverage Division in the UK and Ireland, sets the new blends amid a series of exciting developments in the world of home coffee: “We are determined to bring high quality coffee options to millions more consumers. Our coffee portfolio now boasts three iconic brands: Nescafé, Nespresso and Starbucks.” The Starbucks-Nespresso marriage is, Stephens says, “just the latest in our long series of upcoming and exciting coffee innovations; there is lots more to come.”

Nespresso also emphasises the ethical and eco-friendly imperatives driving the range (quite literally – a bicycle was recently made from 300 used Nespresso pods). Starbucks by Nespresso presents another important step towards Nespresso’s 2020 sustainability goals, which include 100% carbon efficient operations and 100% sustainably sourced coffee. The top-grade Arabica beans used in every Starbucks by Nespresso capsule are sourced from verified ethical origins and all used coffee grounds are entirely compostable. In light of recent concern over capsule biodegradability, such sustainability incentives are more vital than ever, and we are pleased that all aluminium used in the Starbucks by Nespresso capsules is infinitely recyclable; empty pods can be easily returned to one of the 7,000 existing CollectPlus locations or a local Nespresso Boutique. With no disposable cups in sight, this really is a good blend.

Starbucks by Nespresso will be on sale in all major retailers in the UK and Ireland from Monday 2nd September.

Nespresso can always be relied upon for an expertly roasted mix, and we are pretty convinced that this partnership with Starbucks might be their finest union yet.

Ellie Loxton

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