UK Swelters in Over 30 Degree Heat: See the Top Air Conditioned Places to Take Refuge

As the country swelters in potentially the hottest week of the year, Brits all around the country are searching for refuge in cool, air conditioned havens; and with the summer holidays in full swing it’s time to search out the chilliest activities you can find, to keep both the kids and the adults entertained. 

Specialists in air conditioning maintenance, MSL Ltd know all too well that not being prepped with air con can be bad news during the summer months, and as such have put together their top places to visit during the heatwave. 

Melting not an option

The world famous Madame Tussauds is the perfect place to head this summer. Kept at a nice and cool temperature to prevent damage to the wax, it promises to be a cool day out for the whole family; because who would want to see a puddle of melted wax that was once Harry Styles? 

Heat rises?

We all know heat rises, but did you know one of the best air conditioned places you’ll find this summer is up in the skies. Take a trip on the London Eye and enjoy the views with a cool breeze and clear blue skies, whilst watching the world go by beneath you.

Read into it

With heat and humidity proving detrimental to books, The British Library runs at a nice cool temperature. So if you fancy cooling down whilst building your IQ up, this could be the perfect place for you, and with around 25 million books you won’t struggle to find something to get stuck in to.

Pop Up Cool Down

The Magnum pop up store on Regent Street has returned for 2019 between the months of June to September and is ideal for escaping the heat. With endless options to create the ultimate treat, what could be better on a hot summers day than cooling down with a luxury ice cream.

A Cold One

Fancy a cold one this weekend? Nowhere can quite guarantee it like the Ice Bar in London. Kept at a cool -5ºC this is the perfect place to escape the heat whilst having a cocktail or two. Why not take a group of friends and have a drinking and dining experience like no other!

Put ice on it 

If you fancy taking the weight off your feet this week, why not head for a relaxing spa day; and with many spa’s now offering ice treatments this could be the ideal way to cool down whilst destressing and relieving aches and pains. The Thermal Spa Experience in london offers everything from cool monsoon showers to an ice fountain and icy plunge pools.

So there you have it, the best places air conditioned places to visit during the heatwave! 

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