How to Make Selling Your House as Stress-Free as Possible

They say that selling a house is the most stressful thing you’ll ever do. With endless paperwork and meetings with solicitors, it’s no wonder that many of us put it off as long as possible. But why should you put your dreams on hold? 

We think that everyone deserves to live in a home that they truly cherish, after all, it’s where you will spend most of your free time with family and friends. If you’re thinking about selling up and want to avoid the stress, read on for our expert tips in collaboration with House Buy Fast, one of the UK’s largest property buyers. 

House Buy Fast is a family-run company that values its customers and staff. Whether you need a quick divorce house sale, are selling to emigrate or if you need to stop house repossession, their friendly team will help you make the sale fast. For further information, check out this article on the Ask Susan webpage.

Maximise the value of your property 

There are a few ways that you can do this without too much investment. Firstly, look at your house through the eyes of a potential buyer. Once you’ve lived in a property for some time it can be easy to overlook external faults like a wobbly gate, flaking paint or missing tiles on the roof. You may also consider replacing your old floors and having a new flooring installation. Taking the time to do these repairs yourself or outsourcing them to a maintenance person will ensure that anyone coming to view your house will walk in filled with confidence that your home is of the highest standard.

You can add extra curb appeal by hanging a few flower baskets, storing away any old debris and hiding bins out of view. Keep on top of mowing the lawn and weeding even if it’s not something you would normally do. Make sure as well not to forget about pest control services.

Major concerns

When negotiations begin, you’ll undergo a building survey to identify any major concerns with your home. There are a few red flags that may cause problems when you come to sell such as electrical issues, roof leaks, damp, woodworm and no central heating. Make sure all Plumbing issues are sorted with the help of the local Brisbane based plumbing company. The reason behind this is that they are a major turn off for buyers as plumbing issues can be expensive to fix, says Off Tap Plumbing Pty Ltd, a Manly based plumbing service. Make yourself aware of these and get them sorted now before you get any interest from buyers to avoid disappointment and wasting time.

Try House Buy Fast

If you’ve found your dream home but you’ve yet to sell your own property, there is a solution. You can get a quick house sale with House Buy Fast. They will walk you through your options and use their specialised system to calculate the value of your home and make you an offer. If you accept the offer, House Buy Fast will pay for structural survey and structural foundation repair services, and if everything is OK then the sale can go ahead.

Get your paperwork in order

Everything will go a lot smoother if you have all your required documents organised. You’ll need an Energy Performance Certificate, ID, proof of address and the Property Title Deeds to name a few.  However, if you choose to sell with House Buy Fast, much of the paperwork is done for you to make the sale go as quickly as possible. By using their service all you have to do is sign the contract of sale (this is the transfer of ownership from your hands to theirs) and answer some basic questions about your property. Other than that, all of the remaining paperwork and queries are fulfilled by their solicitors.

If you are selling an inherited property you need an application for probate and you’ll need to get several valuations on the property. You’ll need to insure the home too. House Buy Fast advise signing up for HM Land Registry Property Alerts because some fraudsters prey on Probate property and try to change the Title. This alerts system will contact you if anyone tries to do this. 

Find good solicitors

A solicitor is essential when moving home as they will be able to give you legal advice, handle contracts, deal with Land Registry and transfer the funds to your bank account. Unfortunately, this all adds to the expense of buying and selling a home so make sure you choose wisely. You can expect extra fees such as bank transfers, searches, disbursements and Stamp Duty on certain properties. Make sure they breakdown every bill so you know what you’re paying for. The good news is that if you choose to sell your home through House Buy Fast, they will pay for solicitors to start the legal process. That’s another stressful thing checked off the list!

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