High Tech Gadgets For the Tech Savvy Coffee Connoisseur Dad

For women, there’s nothing worse, more insulting or more emotionally detached than getting a gift from a loved one that is ‘practical’. To women, a useful gift is a bad gift. But with Father’s Day around the corner women across the globe are searching for one-of-a-kind dressing gowns, monogrammed silk handkerchiefs and shiny tie… when all Dad really wants is utility and practicality. Something simple, basic and usable, like a smart coffee grinder.

There are many different types of gadgets on the market today for things like shopping, cooking and preparing food however, there are very few coffee gadgets. As a result, we teamed up with the team over at Gear Hungry to put together a list of five really cool coffee gadgets, perfect for Dad. Do go visit them for some amazing gadgets perfect for lots of different activities.

1. Breville Smart Coffee Grinder

Breville has made this new awesome coffee grinder that adjusts doses automatically, instead of having to do it manually every time your dad is craving his caffeine fix, which can be very time consuming. The smart grinder will also allow ability to tweak the grind to your preferences with its stainless steel conical burrs. So if you are looking for a new techy coffee grinder this one is perfect!

2. Duracell Power Mat Ring


This gadget has been used in a few coffee chains in America already and really starting to take off worldwide! This one is the perfect gadget if your dad likes his coffee while on the go. What the power mat ring does, is that you can charge your phone on the same mat you are putting your coffee down on. Excellent! You can do this by simply just using an adapter on your phone and rest it on the mat while charging your device.

3. Mr. Coffee Smart Coffeemaker

Okay ladies, this is one of our faves! This smart coffee maker is perfect if your Dad relies on his alarm to wake him up in the mornings, as now he can also set a time for when he would like his coffee made! He can do this directly from his phone, and schedule a cup of coffee from absolutely anywhere. At just £150 this is a great present.

4. Self Stirring Mug

Not only is this mug perfect for your dad if he frequently travels for work but it also stirs itself, at a very affordable price this is an absolute bargain! How this gadget works is that there is a fluid motor that works promptly upon the press of a button. The convenience this mug gives you is just great because we can all agree that when in a rush we sometimes sometimes forget to stir our drink. Also, if your dad is running late there is now a solution to not having the perfect cup of coffee.

5. Thermapen

This is a perfect little gadget for all of the coffee loving dads out there, as a general rule you should leave boiled water for about 30 seconds for perfect brewing temperature. With this pen you no longer need to guess the temperature of your drink. It’s laser fast readings are perfect for a professional or committed barista too. Our fave feature have to be that it folds easily into your pocket, so your dad can take it with him to his favourite coffee shop and make sure his cappuccino is the proper temperature.

Jack Carter

Jack is an English student and freelance blogger, putting his love for writing to use. Jack loves coffee and sport.

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