5 Celebs Who Play the Lottery

It seems that playing the lottery is a very exciting habit regardless of fame and fortune. Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars venture in this game of luck, all because of the amazing rush that comes with this fantastic game and the overwhelming prizes that are up for grabs on each draw. In this article, we will tell you about the best-known lottery fans in Tinseltown so that you can visualize just how big the game can be.

1. George Clooney

Hollywood’s sweetheart, George Clooney, had a great lottery adventure a few years back. He got so excited about the fabulous jackpot in Italy’s SuperEnalotto worth
£117 million that he invested a staggering 1,500 in tickets. But Mr. Clooney was not looking to enlarge his very own bank account. Instead, he wanted to use the lotto prizes to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake. While his gesture was delightfully noble, none of his tickets held the winning numbers for the SuperEnalotto, unfortunately. We sincerely hope that he continues to play the Italian lottery because he could set an entirely new standard for lottery players everywhere.

2. Elizabeth Hurley

George Clooney’s Haiti plan proved to be solid enough to inspire others to join his noble cause. His friend, Elizabeth Hurley, yet another of Hollywood’s best and brightest, bought 500 tickets for the SuperEnalotto in 2010 when the jackpot reached £117 million. However, her tickets did not end up making any notable wins either. Nevertheless, we believe that their effort was worth mentioning, as it truly has restored at least some of our faith in humanity.

3. Madonna

World-famous superstar Madonna needs no introduction. While you might think that you know enough about the craziest things that she has done over the years, we may be able to surprise you just yet. Not only does Madonna play the lottery, but she has actually won the SuperEnalotto in 2012. Madonna plays this popular lottery on a regular basis to support the local lottery market and pay homage to her Italian roots. When she won 120,000, she donated her prize to build schools in Malawi, South Africa.

4. Simon Cowell

It is a well-known fact that Simon Cowell is brilliantly money-savvy, but did you know that he actually plays the lottery? In spite of his countless millions, he told the press “I still buy lottery tickets. I still play”. He also mentioned that he always ticks the ‘No Publicity’ box on his tickets because he’d want to keep any lotto prizes away from the lime light. If not even Mr. Cowell himself can resist playing the lottery, then you simply have to try your luck in this fabulous game.

5. Hugh Jackman

Mr. Jackman is no newcomer to the lottery world. In fact, he has been playing the game for quite a few years now. It all started when the Australian superstar put in his share for lottery syndicates with colleagues his work. And it seems that this is one habit that he wanted to keep alive because Mr. Jackman has built quite the lotto fan reputation in Hollywood. He now buys lottery tickets for his crew members on set and inspires others to play the lottery as well.

As you can see, playing the lottery remains largely appealing even to those who have already gathered impressive fortunes. This is because of the exhilarating rush that comes with playing a game that could earn you millions. Moreover, the staggering amounts of lottery jackpots are large enough to fuel ideas for the most brilliant of plans. With a few millions in your pocket, there is very little you cannot do.

Charlotte Giver

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