8 Simple Rules For Making the Perfect Cup of Coffee

United Kingdom has always been a tea loving country. After all, isn’t that what us Brits are most known for, drinking tea in the afternoon? But, lately, coffee has been gaining on popularity, mostly thanks to influence from the US where, according to a recent study, Americans consume 450 million cups of coffee each day (aka about 150 billion cups per year)!

If you don’t have a man or a well-trained barista to bring you your coffee each day, you may enjoy this infographic from A1 Coffee where the coffee-loving team go over some simple rules to making the perfect cup of java – making those early mornings and long office hours easier to face.

Rule 1: Buy Fresh Coffee

Did you know that in 2012, the UK market for coffee at home was worth more than £1bn annually and continues to grow. Yep, we all love our coffee, it gets us through the workday and boosts productivity levels. And as no one likes drinking stale coffee, it comes without saying that the fresher the coffee is the better.

If you only drink a few cups a day avoid getting really large bags, just go for the smaller ones. Over here at YCB we love Lavazza coffee and lately, we’ve been getting our daily intake from A1 coffee.

Rule 2: Keep your Beans Sealed

Okay this is simple; you want your beans to stay fresh longer, right? So keeping them sealed will help with just that and you’ll have great coffee for longer. 

Rule 3: Try When You Buy

This is where personal taste comes into play… When you’re buying your daily caffeine fix don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit and go for a new blend. Everyone has different pallets and such will favour a different blend.

Rule 4: Grind Your Own

Again another simple rule that can change your coffee drinking experience dramatically, grinding your own beans will ensure that when you put it in your mug your coffee is fresh and of high quality.

Rule 5: Use Correct Measurements

Obviously when you’re making your cup of joe in the morning this doesn’t matter as much, but when it comes to making espressos and cafetiere coffee’s make sure you keep to the advised measurements so that your coffee won’t end up weak and bitter.

Rule 6: Don’t Reheat Coffee

If your coffee goes cold just make a new mug, adding hot water to it will cause the coffee to burn and ruin the taste for you.

Rule 7: Use A Thermometer

If you’re using steamed or heated milk, keep track of the temperature, make sure it’s below 140 degrees or this can burn the milk particles.

Rule 8: Mix It Up And Try Some Syrup

Whether you have a sweet tooth or you just want your coffee to taste like it does at your favourite coffee shop, we recommend trying syrups in your coffee, such as monin syrups. However, you can get anything from caramel to popcorn flavour to experiment with!

Jack Carter

Jack is an English student and freelance blogger, putting his love for writing to use. Jack loves coffee and sport.

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