5 Tips to Bring Personality to Your Home

5 tips to bring personality to your home

tips to bring personality to your home

Finally, Spring is here! And with the resurge of great weather and sun popping through our windows, it doesn’t take us long to remember that as important as it is to sort out our new Spring/Summer wardrobe, it’s equally important to commit to your annual spring clean. In this case, we mean injecting a little sun & breathing new life into your home and letting your personality shine through well-chosen interior choices, accessories and fixtures.

Have you ever taken a long and careful look around your home and asked yourself, does this bedroom, flat, house or shared quarters, look like “you”? Is your personal style reflected in this room and does it’s decoration fit your personality? If it doesn’t, this article is for you!

Decorating your home is an important & personal process and we want you to do it correctly, so grab your notebook and pen, as you might want to consider some of the clever advice and design tips from Cormar Carpets, on creating a living space that is truly you, and showcases your personality with just a quick switch of colour.

 “Decorating your home is a personal thing. It’s the place you go to unwind, relax, recharge and be inspired. It should be an extension of your personality and reflect your passions,” said David Cormack, Marketing Director of Cormar Carpets. “Injecting colour or texture into your home is sometimes easier said than done. It’s often difficult to know where to start, and even harder to know where to stop. We are often afraid to experiment with new colour palettes, sticking to hues we know work well.”

Bring personality to your home with these tips

Still feeling a bit lost? Follow these 5 tips to bring some more personality into your home, now:

1. Take cues from your personal style and pick your favourite hues – the colour and texture chosen can make or break the mood of a room. So try adding character & a slightly fresher feel to a room is with a new floor covering.

2. Get rid of clutter – No room will ever be the ‘perfect calming backdrop’ of your life with unnecessary, unorganised mess.

3. Keep your keepsakes – Don’t be afraid to let that show in your home interior. Get creative with your personal keepsakes and find fresh ways to display them: invest in quirky trinket trays or printing your favourite quote on a cushion are all good choices to begin with.

4. Experiment with light  – The perfect lighting and fixtures instantly make a bold statement and create balance in a room.

5. Invite nature into your space – Indoor plants and flowers can breathe new life into a home so bring the outdoors in this spring!

Are you ready to invite a fresh, new spring outlook into your home? Remember, your home needs to reflect you, because it’s yours! Just take the time, make the effort and take these tips in consideration when giving your living space a new lease of life & a spring in its step.

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