For a Pinterest-Worthy Home: Tropical Prints!

For a Pinterest-worthy home: tropical prints!

Tropical prints curtains

Lately, we’ve been drawn to interiors that are filled with luscious clusters of greenery—but not the kind that need daily care. Even the most low-maintenance plants can still be a challenge for some (who has the time, after all? We’re busy gals!), so we turn to the next best thing…

Embracing bold prints, bright colours and a relaxed, subtly glamourous vibe reminiscent of 70s Palm Springs, the tropical look offers an unusual way to inject some colour, opulence and a little humour into your home.

Weather you’re going retro and embracing rattan furniture, or taking a more modern approach by mixing leafy patterns with velvet and polished metals, you can still get the charming green look without ever having to water—hooray!

Decorate with floral and bold patterns that reflect lush vegetation; palm trees, fern fronds, and banana leaves for a real statement. Bold and busy patterned wallpaper and textiles is easier to achieve when you keep the rest of the room understated with neutral walls and floors, but will still give the room an audacious vibe.

Tropical Printed Wallpaper

For those keen to fully embrace the trend in all its bold beauty, upholstered chairs and curtains with lush palm prints is the way to go. Emerald greens and limes feature prominently, while yellows, corals, magentas and oranges add that all-important heat. We love this fabric from the Chivasso Monsoon collection by Jab Anstoetez:

If that sounds like too much, fret not. The tropical trend doesn’t have to be all about wild colours and statement walls. Embrace the trend with a relaxed Colonial villa vibe: crisp white fabrics, subdued palm prints and natural materials. We love the idea of floral and botanical pillows for a more tasteful, low-key version of the tropical look because you can easily swap them out when the season changes.

 Tropical decor

Of course, you can’t go wrong with a touch of exotic flora and fauna décor. Think everything from flamingos and parrots to lotus flowers and pineapples—we’re big fans of knick-knacks: they insure some quirk and originality to your home.

Whether you’re escaping the rain or embracing the sun, going for bold bird of paradise colours or understated colonial chic, the tropical look offers a highly adaptable way to update your interior. Tropical decor gives the home a feel of the islands: relaxation, exuberance and good living.

The only thing missing? A piña colada—with one of those paper cocktail umbrellas, obviously.

Olivia Cassano

Olivia is a 21 year-old journalist living in London. As a Media and Communications graduate, she is a self-confessed pop culture aficionada, social media fanatic, and gender rights activist. Originally from Italy, she is a foodie and health nut but strongly believes mac’n’cheese should be its own food group.

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