Your Personality Is Key When Choosing The Perfect New Sofa

Your personality is key when choosing the perfect new sofa

Your personality is a key factor in finding the perfect sofa

We’ve all been there. You’ve moved into a new flat: a blank canvas just waiting for your individuality to be splashed across its walls. Amongst the boxes and bubble wrap lie little pieces of your personality. A porcelain floral cup and saucer from your nan, a teal jewellery box given to you by the ex you just can’t seem to let go of, and photos of all those times with your girls delicately framed in silver. All these trinkets are a reflection of you. What if your furniture could do that as well? What if with one glance at your sofa guests would know if you’re a chic city girl who enjoys wine and Sunday brunch, a quaint country girl who enjoys tending to her garden and baking, or an adventurous girl with epic stories, always on the move?

Introducing Luka Debevec, CEO of the furniture company Kauch. Lucky for us, we met up with him to excitedly discuss the three sofa collections he’s designed, and he explains that they’re all designed to fit a variety of personalities. The design inspiration comes from the very fact that everyone has a different character and that we buy things to match and reflect it. Luka tells us that the ideal customer for the Kauch brand is ‘someone who likes good design, comfort and values quality products. A person who enjoys every moment of their free time and knows what they want.’

So what do you want? What do you do with your free time? How would your friends describe you? However you answer those questions, it’s vital that your apartment, and the most important piece of furniture in it, both reflects and enhances your personality.

The city girl

For the city girl we will always recommend Kauch’s Urban collection (hello, it’s in the name!)‘Tales of the city and the hustle and bustle of street life are all weaved between the threads of this sofa.’ This is for the Carrie Bradshaw type; she who is creative and structured at work but never passes up an opportunity to host an evening soiree. The oh-so-soft cushions of the Walking Urban will ensure your guests take you up on the offer of another glass of red wine because they’re far too comfy to go anywhere. Given the Talking Urban can turn in to a bed it’ll be easy enough for you to crash once everyone’s left. You can relax, reclined, looking out at the big lights of the big city.

The country girl

Kauch’s Organic sofas are perfect for those who feel happiest in the great outdoors. Unfortunately sometimes the great outdoors can be wet and windy and wholly uninviting, so for those days it’s nice to know you have your own little bit of nature waiting for you at home in the form of the Living Organic sofa: ‘the backrest in organic shapes of growing grass, leaves and vegetation, skillfully makes the honest, simple design of the seating come to life.’ Country girls also love baking – all natural ingredients, of course – and are likely to have a super cute kitchen full of retro utensils in candy colours. Follow the theme in to the living room with the Thinking Organic sofa, it’ll give you a completely legitimate excuse to snuggle up under a blanket with a plate of cookies warm from the oven…!

The adventurous girl 

Not willing to settle for a regular sofa, it has to be the Modular collection for the adventurous girl. Not only does she often leave her front door not knowing where the day will take her, but when she does (eventually) return home she wants furniture that’s just as quirky as her personality. The Building Modular sofa is amazing because it can be assembled to create different shapes! Luka explains to use that he tries to ‘connect all that passion with the product. Every product has to have a story behind it, and that passion gives you ideas in the designing process.’ Indeed, an adventurous sofa choice will no doubt lead to other more daring design decisions around the rest of the house!

It seems that there are grand plans for the future of Kauch: ‘our plan is to go worldwide a few years from now. We want to make Kauch not just a sofa but a lifestyle of our customers.’ Despite all the wonderful things that are happening for the brand Luka admits ‘my greatest success so far is what I’m doing right now, writing this for a foreign magazine.’ Oh Luka you’re making us blush! Before we let the hard working CEO go, we were eager to know of his three collections which one best describes his personality? ‘I am definitely modular. I like change and I’m active all the time. I try to keep my life playful.’

So whether you crave adventure, feel at home outside, or are trying to make the big city your haven, there’s definitely a Kauch sofa for you!

Stephanie George

Stephanie is a writer who enjoys traveling, red wine, chocolate and scary movies. In the mornings you can find her immersed in a large cup of coffee (Starbucks is her happy place) or practicing yoga. She is passionate about social media and fitness. You can follow her adventures via Instagram and Twitter @step_onmyknee or her blog: