Shopping For Seriously Chic Clutch Bags

Shopping for seriously chic clutch bags

tAM clutch bags

The clutch: so simple and so effective. Men are forever bewildered as to why women are so in love with these fabulous finds. A clutch is that perfect secret weapon that literally fits inside every tote and looks amazing solo. It’s a win-win situation.

tAMIf you are looking for that perfect party clutch to go with your weekend attire, or wanting to turn heads, these clutches are for you. With a wide variety of colours to choose from, these bags give you the option to express your personality while making a statement.

Designed and crafted in Los Angeles, tAM features quality materials and simple design we can’t get enough of. All designs are handmade. Therefore, occasional variations can occur due to the process making each design unique and one of a kind. Slight variations in color and texture are inherent characteristics of all handmade products.

Tamie, owner and designer, craved an everyday handbag that was different than what was currently on the market, and needed an outlet for creativity. Started out of her home, the first handbag Tamie designed resulted in raves of compliments, inspiring her to push the brand even further. “It was holiday season, so I made as many as I could at the time,” she explains to YCB. “I could not keep up with the demand. Eventually I had to outsource production, and tAM was officially born.”

Tamie started sewing at a very young age. She tells us she was always cutting up old clothes, jeans, tablecloths, and making something new and different from this variety. Her inspirations mainly come from her everyday life and materials she falls in love with. “I love looking through fashion magazines for colours,” she says. “Other than that I just look for what stands out to me. I have some sort of idea of what I want the collection to look like, but overall the end result usually looks a little different. I like the process of change and why it happens. It’s like a painting, when you “mess up” and improvise, sometimes that’s the best part!”

Since the handbag designs are so simple, colour schemes play a huge role in the process of executing the brands visions. Tamie enjoys experimenting with different colours and textures. “Because it is my brand and my name – that is what fuels me. I like the result of working hard. I think that you get what you put in.”

“The creative process is my favorite aspect of this business. I love thinking about a design and figuring out how to make it work.” Tamie loves that people are dressing a little more relaxed these days representing that “live-in” look we all know and adore. “I think a nice bag is essential to pull it all together. I love a neutral palate with a pop of color.”

Tamie encourages her customers and target audience to be creative and feel comfortable experimenting with personal style. Everyone has different budgets and career-oriented women can always achieve a fun look and experiment with self-expression without breaking the bank. “Stay true to your style and invest in trends that work for you and your body. Handbags and shoes are absolutely always worth the splurge. I think you can get away with anything these days. It’s all about confidence in the woman wearing the trend.”

tAM is currently in the process of releasing some new and exciting collections coming soon! We can expect to see some gorgeous styles and fresh designs with pops of color and playful leather. Truly when you love what you do and do what you love, raw passion turns into a masterpiece. Tamie is an inspiration for women everywhere! We love her drive and passion for making a difference and can’t wait to get our hands on her handbag collection.

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