Spectacular Sparklers to Beat the Winter Blues

Spectacular sparklers to beat the winter blues

With the promise of presents and the lure of a log fire winter has a magical charm in the run up to Christmas. However, come February winter weather has an unbelievable ability to sap motivation and significantly decrease any desire to leave the house. They don’t have duvets and daytime TV out there! Ladies, put those slippers away, we think we might just have found you a reason to come out of hibernation early. Frost yourself with Dipped Row; adorned in these jewels you’ll look so hot you’ll forget about the cold.

Now we all know that the threats of sudden rain and blustery gales are very real, so any time and money spent at the blow dry bar is wasted. Instead, perfect your favourite up do and let a pair of statement earrings frame your face. Play with colour to brighten an otherwise dull day: Dipped Row’s Canyon Statement Earrings match the icy weather perfectly. Alternatively, don’t sit around waiting for summer; bring dazzling sunshine in to your office with the brightly hued Ellie Necklace. Team it with your favourite work LBD for an easy, hassle-free way to make an impact.

Dipped Row

This season fashion gurus are whispering phrases like ‘silent luxury’ and ‘quiet understatement’, aware of the power of unassuming intrigue. Be that mysterious woman who’s learnt to make pearls levitate by buying in to 2015’s biggest trend: suspended jewels. Dipped Row’s Blair Ear Jackets and Pearl Midi Ring are both beautifully delicate, but their edgy twist means you have permission to wear classic pearls with bolder outfit choices. Where you might normally team pearls with pastels, try a cosy navy knit and a French manicure to make the bright white pearls pop this winter. Here at Your Coffee Break, we’re hooked on the Sunflower Bloom Necklace and the Anoushka Chandelier Earrings for that stop-staring-at-me look.

There’s a reason women gleefully exclaim ‘look at the rock on that!’ when they’re particularly impressed by an engagement ring: rocks, in our world, are far from boring – they are exciting and leave our hearts in a flutter. Dipped Row’s Oscar Embellished Necklace looks incredible as a collar around a crisp white shirt. Take your jewelry even closer to its natural form with a blue Geode Pendant Necklace. Wear it to a cocktail party with a Grecian goddess style maxi with a plunging neckline so the rock sits delicately against your skin.

Frost-bitten fingers and wind-chapped lips abundant, it takes much more to get your glamour on during winter. So when you find yourself mourning in your Manolos there’s only one thing for it: crystals. Big ones. We love the idea of Dipped Row’s Dubois Crystal Necklace with a soft powder pink ball gown. (Well, you may as well go all out, right?) For a more low key approach to sparkle, the Diamante Cube Bangle is a perfect winter staple to wear every day next to an elegant gold, over- sized watch, or in amongst thin stacked bangles.

Now this is the kind of ice we could certainly warm up to!

Anouszka Tate

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