Meet Katie Mutton, The Power Lady Behind Yoga Team

Meet Katie Mutton, the power lady behind Yoga Team

Katie Mutton, Yoga Team

City living can be stressful and occasionally we all feel a little out of control. Whether you’re up to your eyeballs in paper work, desperately trying to reorganise your diary to fit just one more meeting in before you finally clock out, or cringe every time you check your phone because you have how many emails?! Yes, it happens. We at Your Coffee Break believe that busy women need to take time out to unwind and ward off burnout. One way to do so is with a large coffee (it comes without saying) and the other – yoga.

Yoga, well more specifically Yoga Team, is a dream come true for any professional woman living in our capital. It enables you to relax, rejuvenate and exercise with professional guidance in your own home (or office) and with a 24 hour booking system it’s designed specifically with busy Londoners in mind.

Katie Mutton, the brains behind Yoga Team, has developed her role from Yoga Instructor to successful businesswoman and entrepreneur over the past seven years. The yoga-guru describes her job as her biggest balancing role yet; ‘My job is diverse, challenging, creative and I love it.’ Even though her time is now mainly spent behind a desk, in meetings, event class planning, working with PRs, or doing the dreaded VAT returns, Katie always makes time to grab her yoga mat and de-stress. Whether it’s first thing in the morning to get the blood circulating and heart pumping or the Viparita Karani pose at 11pm (perfect for lovers of high heels!) yoga is key to unwinding and switching off after work to restore the body and no one knows it better than Katie. ‘It keeps me in check’ she says.

Katie Mutton, Yoga Team

London is buzzing with all things yoga at the moment and the founder behind Yoga Team showed us that it really can be done anywhere (he-llo Kensington Gardens!) as long as you’ve got the right gear. Wellicious is Katie’s absolute favourite brand when it comes to cute and practical workout clothes and their stylish looks never fail to get Katie out the door in the early AM, ready for another day of yoga-fun.

Yoga in London - Yoga TeamIt is their personalised programmes and signature classes that make Yoga Team stand out. Classes are one-to-one or made up of small groups if you prefer to ensure you develop consistently, rather than roll around aimlessly at the back praying that you’re doing it right (we’ve all been there!). With classes running from 6.30am to 9pm, 7 days a week, Yoga Team is designed to work perfectly around your busy schedule. Private classes maximize the benefits of yoga as specific conditions and personal preferences can be addressed. Yoga Team even offer Pre-natal Yoga, Stress Management, Dynamic Yoga and Meditation – there really is something for everyone, at any level and at anytime!

Having successfully built up her business in seven years, Katie now manages 30 instructors and provides more than 100 classes a week. When asked about the secret to her success, she puts her achievements down to hard work and continuing to follow her intension. It’s Katie’s belief that aspiring entrepreneurs should have ‘a clear vision, and the ability to continue to refine it in order to give your business a responsive edge and the clarity to see challenges as your biggest teachers.’

Yoga Team

We can’t get enough of the yoga trend and who better to advise us on what to wear and how to prepare for classes than Katie. Water and a healthy dose of whole foods are recommended between classes as a good way to fuel the body. Whilst, as yoga demands a high level of strength, flexibility and range of movement Katie recommends Wellicious yoga clothing as they provide a gorgeous balance of comfort, luxury and style. When not on the mat you’re unlikely to catch Katie dressed up in gym clothes but she turns to Wellicious for looks that are comfy yet chic and the Be Yourself Jumper is more than perfect for a post yoga brunch with the girls.

So yes, things can get very busy and there may be times when you think it’s probably easier to throw your iPhone/ iPad/ laptop in the bin than face the ever-increasing number of voicemails. But book a class and grab a mat – your body will thank you for it! And for Katie there is nothing better than hearing how a class with Yoga Team has helped a client making their time off work awesome and relaxing, changing their life for the better, which is why she has a happy and ever growing client list, including royalty might we add!


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