On Our Resolution List: Say Yes To Yoga!

On our resolution list: Say yes to yoga!

This week, we’re heading to the yoga mat with Katie Mutton and Yoga Team…

Yoga Team 1-1 classes

We all know that practicing yoga comes with certain stereotypes – you either have a killer body (we’re talking Selena Gomez, Cameron Diaz, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Miranda Kerr), live a life of ‘peace and harmony’ or enjoy meditating in your spare time. But more importantly, yoga aims to unite the mind, body and spirit, and yet the benefits are underrated.

Here at YCB, as the overindulgence at Christmas and back-to-work frenzy is beginning to sink in, hitting the yoga mats is fast reaching the top of our resolution list. We can’t wait to do an exercise that will not only mentally de-stress our body and mind after a manic day in the office, but also help us shed the pounds while we’re at it. This week, we’ll be finding the likes of Yoga Team to help us get in shape and relax.

Yoga Team at home Yoga Classes

The practice of yoga covers a broad range of physical, emotional and wellness issues; toning up our bootie and relieving stress just to name a few. Physically, focusing on posture and alignment will help avoid injuries to create the best results. And of course weight loss, what we are all looking to achieve at some point (especially after the month of December). Leaving a yoga session will leave you feeling energised and fresh for the day ahead, rather than drained at the thought of it.

Yes we know, some poses aren’t the most elegant, but there’s nothing wrong with doing yoga with a smile on your face. Anyone can practice yoga and it doesn’t depend on your fitness levels or age. Knowing this, we couldn’t think of anything to stop us from heading down to Yoga Team – 28 passionate experts carefully selected to deliver yoga teaching and relate this to the demands of living in the city – it was a perfect match!

Yoga Team - Bespoke Yoga classes in London

Yoga Team offer unique, private yoga classes across London and Surrey. Sticking with the notion that yoga is for anyone, their clients include large corporations and senior executives, to brides-to-be and mothers! Making life even easier, their service provider enables us to use their online booking system for a class, and can come to your very own home. Founder of Yoga Team, Katie Mutton, said: “Yoga is the perfect addition and antidote to the stresses of modern living. Our intention is to create personalised, targeted classes for each client. Our classes are not only convenient but complimentary to your lifestyle, your body and your overall wellness.”

Their specialist approach sees the expert team delivering tailored and private yoga classes to wherever they are needed – offices, homes, hotels, events and schools across London, making their classes convenient, as well as calming. Their sophisticated booking system reveals no competition, because let’s be honest – who wants stress when you’re booking a yoga class?

And what will we be trying this week? Yoga Team’s classes have been given a modern twist. The instructors help pace your individual requirements through body type and yoga experience to ensure you get the best out of your session. At YCB, we’re looking forward to the Energy Flow class, a session that focuses on heat building to strengthen the entire body, boost energy and interweave relaxation techniques (just what we need!). But if you’re looking to spend time with your friends, their healthy alternative is Girls Night In. The instructor can come to your house with mats for the group, guide you through postures practiced together and give a light-hearted feel to your evening.

Another new class, Deep Rest, incorporates yoga-style props (think eye masks and cushions) to guide you through stretches and target your body’s natural responses to stress. It you have an energetic lifestyle or working day, don’t underestimate the power of this class to ease the mind.

For a full range of their classes and descriptions, visit yoga-team.co.uk or call 0800 033 7865.

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