These 7 Home Design Trends are Taking Over this Summer!

The season’s trends reflect a desire to bring a sense of calm into the home through wellness features and green hues. Some homeowners are seeking to expand their living areas into the garden and add elements of country charm to the home. This summer, we’re also seeing a growing interest in creating dedicated spaces for leisure activities that suit adults and kids, alike.

Here, we have worked with the design site, Houzz, to identify the top emerging design trends based on the latest search insights from their community of homeowners, design enthusiasts and industry professionals. 

Wellness Retreats 

Wellness features continue to surface in trending searches, with “yoga room,” “sauna” and “home gym” all rising in the first quarter of the year, compared with Q1 2023. Homeowners are also enlisting professionals on Houzz to create spa-like oases, with searches increasing for “indoor swimming pool” and “spa bathroom.”

Going Green

Speaking of wellness, we’re seeing interest in incorporating the colour of nature and renewal throughout the home. According to the 2024 Houzz UK Kitchen Trends Report, 1 in 6 renovating homeowners chose green cabinetry (16%), so it’s unsurprising that searches for “green kitchens” increased by nearly 1.5x. Searches for the colour green also climbed for living rooms, bathroom tiles, bathrooms and walls, compared with the same period in 2023.

Garden Structures

Homeowners’ are looking to maximise and enhance their gardens with searches for “raised beds” and “greenhouses” growing nearly 2x, each. Structures like “outdoor kitchens”, a term which has grown in search traffic, allow homeowners to cook outside. “Granny annexes,” (up almost 2x) which are often extensions built off the main house in the garden, are popping up to accommodate the growing trend towards multigenerational living. 

Impressionable Thresholds

“Entrances” are taking centre stage with searches growing by 65% year over year. People are paying attention to their home’s first impression, with searches climbing for “hall,” “hallway storage,” and “victorian entrance hallway”, compared with last year. And, with an uptick in searches for “bungalow front porch” and “front porch”, it seems homeowners are also prioritising kerb appeal.

Rustic Farmhouse Style

Rustic farmhouse design signals a desire to bring the charm of the countryside into the home. With searches for “roses” jumping nearly 6x and “country cottage gardens” growing nearly 2x year over year, people seem inspired to create idyllic outdoor spaces this summer. Inside, “country cottage interiors” are in the spotlight, with searches for the term increasing by almost half. We’re also seeing “walk-in pantries” and “farmhouse bathrooms” gain traction, echoing the tranquillity and comfort of rural living.

Leisure Spaces

There is increased interest in creating leisure spaces within the home, as reflected in recent search trends on Houzz. Homeowners are looking to find a cosy area for reading or solitary relaxation this year, with searches for “reading nook” growing nearly 2x. Searches for “music room” and “media wall units” have grown nearly 1.5x, while “home cinemas” have inched up 11% year over year, indicating a desire for dedicated areas to enjoy music and television or film. Indoor recreational spaces are also gaining traction, with searches for “game room” and “family room” up by 29% and 23%, respectively. 

Youthful Havens

Creating spaces for kids to express their personality and feel ownership within the home is growing in importance for homeowners, according to trending search data. From “teenage girl bedroom” and “teenage boy bedroom” to “teen room” and “kids room,” which have all jumped in search traffic compared with the previous year, parents are turning to Houzz for inspiration as they think through new ways to meet their children’s changing needs.

Homeowners who are looking to begin renovating or decorating their home can get inspired and find the best home professionals for their projects on Houzz.

Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.