How To Layer Necklaces Like A Pro

How to layer necklaces like a pro

Layering necklaces

Confused but intrigued by this layering of the necklaces trends? We mean picking out one necklace can be hard enough and now you are telling us we have to pick two or more? Madness! Luckily we talked with a few experts on how to really nail it.

Alana Blank and Rachel Lavipour are the CEO and Designer and COO of Phyllis & Rosie Jewelry, a gorgeous contemporary jewellery line, told us:

Mix up your metals: We are also into mixing metals this season–don’t be afraid to mix silver and gold. Our new silver fox lariat mixes silver and gold, and is a perfect lariat length.

Mix up your lengths: Try wearing necklaces that are different lengths (creating a graduated look on your neckline) and textures like pairing our hammered traveller necklace with the bar lariat. It adds richness to the look and completes it.

How to layer necklaces

We also spoke with Samantha Cooper, Founder of Trend Tribe, a jewellery company and a career launching point for its team of college ambassadors. Essentially, Trendsetters are in charge of their own fashion company and learn first hand how to build a fashion brand from the ground up. Samantha told YCB:

Have a theme to your look: This will tie all of the necklaces together and make it look chic instead of messy. For example, you don’t want to pair a bohemian necklace with a rocker necklace, but two tribal looking necklaces would be perfect together.

Keep it simple: Dainty necklaces of different lengths always look good together. If you’re a beginner to necklace-layering, this is a great place to start. You can’t go wrong with dainty necklaces.

Add a pop: Whether it’s pave crystals or a pop of color, make sure one of the necklaces has something attention-grabbing to draw the eye in.

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