Sable & Ox: The Gallery Bringing The Exhibition To Your Living Room

Sable & Ox: The gallery bringing the exhibition to your living room

Sable & Ox

Art-lovers everywhere know that there’s nothing like discovering a new artist or piece before the press get a hold on it. That rare feeling of knowing that you own a unique piece of art is invaluable and means you have a personal connection with a piece that’s yours to keep forever. That’s what online art portal Sable & Ox have been striving to achieve, bringing new sculptors, illustrators, painters, glass-makers and more together in a place that cherishes and promotes their work. Here you can find unique pieces for your home from upcoming talent in the UK, meaning you can explore those at the forefront of new art from the comfort of your home.

Sable & Ox began when owner Billy Williams felt that there was a gap in the market for a site that offered high quality products with a diverse range of tastes. “We wanted to create a marketplace that would bring a diverse selection of artists and designers together, without pertaining to one particular discipline or visual style, we want people to discover what they like for themselves,” says Billy.

From exquisite textiles and jewellery to hippo-shaped tables – Sable & Ox are certainly diverse. Whatever your taste, there will be something that suits you. In turn, new artists have a place to showcase their work to a national community. For fans of artists like Mark Rothko and the Royal Academy Charles Wollaston award-winner Wolfgang Tillmans, there’s artists like Alison Johnson (‘Simply Silent’, right), whose ethereal colour explosions bring landscape scenes to life.

For those of you who love portraiture, Cherylene Dyer’s stunning ‘Sack Race’ (below) offers a depth of emotion in earthy, ample textures and warped perspective that gives her portraiture an edge.

Cherylene Dyer ‘Sack Race’

“We have a pretty strict criteria as to who we will feature on the website, only working with accomplished makers who produce, handmade, ethically manufactured, original, and high-quality pieces here in the UK; the only way we see of retaining the excellency of the site.” This is particularly pertinent in Sable & Ox’s furniture collection, which oozes luxury. Say bye-bye to chipboard chests and flaky furniture, Sable & Ox’s pieces know that beauty isn’t just skin deep. “There is just something about the fusion of functionality and beauty that well-made furniture offers that I find deeply appealing,” says Billy. “It’s so versatile, it can be the predominant focus of a room, or a simple subtlety that just brings a space together.” Plus if you find an artist you love, many accept commissions so you can own a piece that you have helped to envisage.

furniture maker Robert ScottNo more trailing galleries and shops trying to find the armchair you’ve been dreaming of, have it handmade to the highest standard without taking a step outside your door. So, which designers does furniture-fanatic Billy recommend? “I’m very fond of the work of furniture maker Robert Scott (‘Roxanne’, right) at the moment; although still very young his beautiful, sculptural designs, all-round vision, and quality of work seems to be well ahead of his years.”

“My favourite piece right now would have to be ‘L’Orchidee’ by Marc Fish,” he adds. “Not only is it a beautiful contemporary writing desk, but hides a magnificent amount of detail and brilliant innovations.”

Unlike so many galleries, Sable & Ox have close relationships with their artists, so you can find out all about them online. See the brains behind the masterpieces, and gain an insight into the person and process behind what you’re buying. “Compared to other items, a unique art piece can go a lot further in reflecting more about the personality of you and your home,” explains Billy.  “Mass produced items are not only bland and lacking a personal touch, but often overlook an attention to detail. Also, there is no story or history to their conception and creation; the kind of things that truly make a piece special.” And if you do want to see the work in person, Sable & Ox look set to open some physical art spaces too – so you get the best of both worlds. “Our most immediate plan is to open our own physical gallery, which we really hopes gives our artists and customers another way of interacting with Sable & Ox. We will also be running several exhibitions throughout the country come the start of 2015.”

A busy work-life doesn’t have to mean drab interiors, so ditch the dull décor and create a home that really expresses your personality. Widen your horizons and explore the art world right beneath your fingertips – not to mention impress your dinner party guests!

For more information please visit – viewings of artworks can be arranged by request. 

Natalie Beech

Natalie Beech is a freelance writer and Editor-in-chief of online magazine The Grade ( which covers everything cultural in her hometown Leicester. Currently finishing her degree in Creative Writing and Journalism, she spends any free moments running, cooking and tweeting.