10 Living Room Workout Exercises To Try

You don’t need to go to a gym to get a good workout. There are plenty of exercises that you can perform from the comfort of your living room. Many of these exercises can be carried out while watching TV, so that you can stay fit and catch up on all your favourite TV shows. Below are just 10 examples of exercises to try in your living room.

Sit ups

Sit ups are great exercises for targeting your core. They are performed by lying on one’s back with the knees up and soles of the feet flat on the floor – without pulling yourself with your hands, then sit up fully to touch your knees with your chest. Sit ups can be done on the floor or lying down across your sofa. A similar exercise to also try in this position is crunches.

Tricep dips

As the name suggests, tricep dips primarily target the triceps. These exercises can be carried out on the edge of a sofa by holding onto the sofa with both hands and then dipping your body down off the sofa without touching the floor. Check out this tricep dip guide for a more detailed breakdown.

Elevated push ups

Push ups target the entire upper body and can be carried out anywhere. Elevated push ups are a more challenging version that involve elevating your legs on a bench or chair (or in the case of a living room, a sofa or armchair) and then performing a push up. This elevation takes some of the pressure off your arms to give your chest a greater workout. 


Squats are the ultimate glutes exercise. They also help exercise the thighs and calves. You can perform squats anywhere – including in the living room while watching TV. Consider combining squats with weights to also exercise the upper body (the deadlift is the most famous example).


The plank is a static floor exercise. It involves holding a position similar to a push up with your feet and elbows on the floor and the rest of your body raised. The plank is a fantastic exercise for targeting the abs. In fact, it can help strengthen your entire core. Challenge yourself to hold the plank for at least thirty seconds (alternatively, challenge yourself to hold it as long as possible).

Jumping jacks

Another exercise to try in your living room could be jumping jacks. Jumping jacks are a cardio exercise that involves jumping while moving your arms and legs into a star position (although it is different from a star jump). They can make great warm-up exercises, although they can be made more intense by adding more speed. They’re ideal for doing while watching TV. 

Side leg raises

A side leg raise involves lying on your side with both your legs straight and then lifting the top leg up into an almost vertical position. These exercises are great for performing while lying on a sofa. Side leg raises primarily target the glutes and quads. Similar exercises such as clam shells can also be performed from this position.

Leg press

Using fabric resistance bands, it’s also possible to carry out leg presses while sitting on your sofa. You can do this by holding both ends of the resistance band, placing one foot in the middle and then pressing the sole of your foot forward. Make sure to use a band that provides the right amount of resistance to effectively work out your glutes, quads and calves. 

Bicep curls

Bicep curls unsurprisingly target the biceps. They are typically performed with a dumbbell – hold the dumbbell at your side with your wrist facing outwards, and then bring the dumbbell up towards your shoulder while keeping your elbow by your side. Bicep curls are also possible to carry out with resistance bands, water bottles or even cans of soup. You can perform them standing or sitting down on the sofa.

Kettlebell swings

This exercise requires a kettlebell (although there are various improvised alternatives you can use instead such as backpacks, paint cans or milk jugs). Stand in the middle of your living room with your leg apart and hold the kettlebell handle with both hands. Hold it straight out in front of you and then swing it between your legs. This exercise works a mixture of lower and upper body muscles. You can increase the amount of muscles worked by swimming the kettlebell all the way above your head, but take care not to injure yourself when doing this.

Anabel Cooper

Anabel is a graduate of King’s College London and upon graduating, she set out on a journey to inspire and empower women through her words. Besides working as a digital marketing expert, Anabel is a freelance copywriter.