Sunny Showers: Expert Reveals Exactly Whar to Wear for a Rainy Festival

Festival season is well and truly here, but with changeable and unpredictable weather expected for the August bank holiday weekend, it can be hard to know what to pack for a festival. 

With the weekend fast approaching, PrettyLittleThing has analysed exclusive internal data and put together a lookbook, showing exactly how to stay cool and comfortable and still show off your unique style.

Focus on quick-frying fabrics

It’s a good idea to shape your look around light, floaty fabrics that’d be quick to dry if you did happen to get caught in a sudden shower. This means you won’t be feeling hot, sticky or damp after a downpour and can get back to feeling your most fabulous self.

Try a floaty cotton dress, an oversized shirt or a chic linen co-ord set.

Add a light oversized or cropped jacket as an extra layer

It’s good to have a light jacket on hand for those late night breezes or rainy showers. A retro-style bomber jacket or utility cropped jacket is the perfect addition to any outfit, keeping you dry without being too heavy. Feel free to add a faux leather racer jacket for an edgier look.

Go long with a mac or trench coat

The humble mac or trench coat has become a festival staple over the years, and for good reason. Made of lightweight, water-resistant material, these coats are typically not too heavy but will cover you from head to toe, making showery spells a walk in the park.

Rock a pair of boots for the ultimate rainproof footwear

Everyone knows that wellies are the festival must-have, especially when there’s wet weather involved. But other boots can make your feet happy too – consider a pair of ankle boots to rock the ultimate festival trend, or a pair of biker boots for an alternative look that’ll protect your feet on any terrain.

Sophie O’Neil, Senior Stylist at PrettyLittleThing explains how to pack like a pro and nail your festival style, no matter what the weather throws at you.

“Festivals can be all-weather events which means you need to choose looks that are versatile and can work for a variety of outlooks. Though a summer festival is always likely to be on the warmer side, it’s good to be prepared for those last-minute showers that can strike at any time.

“Fast-drying fabrics such as linen and cotton will prevent you from feeling damp or sticky. Lightweight dresses are a great option as they don’t take up much space and can be worn more casually for the day but still work for the night. Co-ord sets are also great because they can be mixed and matched – pair a loose-fitting shirt with a pair of cargo pants for example, or match it with a pair of flowy shorts.

“Ensure dry feet with a pair of chunky boots or wellies, and top off your look with a light bomber, shell, or cropped biker jacket for an extra layer. Be sure to wear your heaviest or bulky items – like biker boots or a trench coat – en route to the festival, leaving room in your bag for lighter things like a pair of sandals/trainers, dresses and co-ords.

“Once you’ve chosen the key pieces you want to build your looks around, you’ll have a better idea of how much room you have left to pack the rest of your stuff. Don’t forget you’ll also need essentials – something warm to sleep in, socks, underwear, and toiletries.”

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