Will Pajamas Be the New Leggings This Spring?

Will pajamas be the new leggings this spring?

Will pajamas be the new leggings for 2016

Just like the word fetch, the pajamas-as-clothes-trend keeps trying to happen. But it looked like the fashion industry, and maybe someday Gretchen Weiners, has finally had their day as the pajama trend is finally going mainstream.

Designer Domenico Dolce of Dolce and Gabbana told The LA Times, “By continuing to show pajamas again and again in the various collections, people get used to them. And now it’s what everyone wants.” Dolce and Gabbana originally featured pajamas on their runways in 1995. Perhaps pajama wear could become the new athleisure trend or at least (hopefully) the new leggings?

However, the question still remains with this trend. How do you not look like you took an ambien and just wandered off to a restaurant instead of getting in your bed? Well, it is tricky.

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“It’s all about balance when wearing a silk PJ top. You don’t want to look like you belong in bed. Pair it with a pair of high-waisted jeans that hit just above the ankle and a killer pair of heels to help play with proportions. Fun clutch optional though highly recommended!” says Ashley Nelson, the blogger behind Impossibly Imperfect (featured in the photo above.)

alisted on how to wear the pajamas trend

However if you do want to go full on pajama ensemble we suggest it for a party or anywhere where you don’t have to walk far or risk putting yourself in inclement weather as you are silk in public with slippers. Fellow fashion blogger Alyssa Surrett did pull the whole look with a fantastic pair of Prada heels but, again, just make sure you are picking this look for the right setting so probably not a barbeque joint. Plus, bonus: You are totally ready for bed.

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