AM Gym Dates with Peaches Sportswear

AM Gym Dates with Peaches Sportswear

Peaches Sportswear

If you’re anything like us, it’s been yet another busy weekend of events, dinner parties, pizza and Netflix marathons. With the working week in full swing again, it’s time to get back to important things, like AM gym dates in gorgeous workout wear that’ll help us kick ass!

Now, there are some gym goddesses out there who radiate health and blissful enjoyment whilst working out – here’s looking at you Miranda Kerr – but for most of us mere mortals it is much harder to go to Barrecore, spin class or a PT session pre-7am and feel genuinely good about it. Sure it feels great once it’s over; you feel revitalised and re-energised, albeit a little achey, but the hallmark of a good workout for us is feeling good during. We want to love the sensation of pedaling our legs to a high speed Britney track at 6.30am!

Ok, positive mindset in place, there’s still the motivating ourselves to physically get out of bed early part to take care of. What if on switching on the bedside lamp your still-sleepy eyes catch sight of a sexy sky blue hoody, a vibrant pink sports bra or perhaps a pilates kit from ‘We’re ready to take on the world’, they say to you, gently encouraging you to reach out to them. Before you know it, you’re staring at some sort of superwoman in the mirror, a healthy grin the only accessory you need with this sleek sportswear ensemble.

Gorgeous sportswear for working out in London

Gorgeous gym gear can have an incredible motivational effect. Say hello to a new range of gorgeous workout gear from the phenomenal Peaches Sportswear. Yup, we’re guilty of having a love affair with this new label. Especially as we’re looking for pieces that are not only elegant, but are as hard working at the gym as we are. You should always demand high quality products that won’t change shape or lose their original look mid-spin.

Peaches Sportswear

Peaches Sportswear

Peaches Sportswear

So, let’s hit the gym – your new athletic wardrobe will take your workouts to the next level!

Morning run

Early morning runners, we salute you. Not only are you getting up before the sun, you’re getting out before it too. Soft trainers designed specifically for running are essential to avoid injury – you’d be surprised how much impact your neck takes from running on outdoor terrain – and on colder days a streamlined hoody is essential to keep you warm without sacrificing speed.

Morning weight session

Fuel yourself with pre-workout carbs like natural yoghurt and oats (food is always another great reason to roll out of bed) and hit the weights rack. Peaches Sportswear’s Capri pants are designed to support core stability, which will help you lift heavier. You can even colour co-ordinate your workouts – maybe yellow and grey for legs day, and black and white for arms day!

Morning yoga 

Do not underestimate how hard you’ll work in a morning yoga class. Do not be disparaged by the self-righteous looks of those pounding the treadmills at 6am. Trust us, as long as you’re not distracted by wardrobe malfunctions, you can focus and work just as hard as them. We love the Naomi sports bra; whilst other Peaches sports bras are designed with more padding and protection to support the bust, this one is designed specifically for yogis.

Morning HIIT

For the particularly energetic amongst you, morning HIIT is the way to go. The Freya Capri is designed to accommodate every workout, from running to squatting to stretching to lifting, so you’ll be ready for whatever your PT decides to throw in to the high-intensity mix!

Morning barrecorre

Harking back to a childhood spent in pretty pink tutus at ballet class, spend your mornings in a cute pink sports bra at barrecorre. Ok, you might not have any idea what you’re doing, but at least you’ll look the part!

So, get ready to get up, get out, and smash your personal bests with Peaches Sportswear. Up early? Share your smugness with Peaches on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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