Cailee Spaeny Set to Lead New Alien Prequel Picture

Cailee Spaeny has had various lead roles in cinema since her debut in Pacific Rim Uprising in 2018, but none are bigger than her upcoming role in the Alien franchise. It was recently confirmed that the new offering in the Alien prequel series has already started filming and could be released in 2024. This movie might be the catalyst that fires Spaeny to international stardom.

New Picture Continues Prequel Series

The Alien franchise began with Ridley Scott’s Alien in 1979 and continued with James Cameron’s Aliens in 1986. From there, it grew into one of the biggest franchises in Hollywood, with later sequels and spinoff series. 

Recently, new fans have been attracted by the prequel pictures from Scott, which began with Prometheus in 2012. This was continued with Alien: Covenant in 2017, and the next instalment is currently unnamed. The production is underway but there has been no official release of details of the film. 

One of the biggest pieces of news about the upcoming offering is that Scott will not be in the director’s chair. He oversaw the last two prequel pictures but has decided to pass the mantle on to Fede Alvarez who will be tasked with expanding the franchise further. The Uruguayan filmmaker responsible for Evil Dead and Don’t Breathe also wrote the script for the upcoming Alien title. 

Space and Alien Themes Popular in Entertainment

Even though Scott is not leading the new alien film, it still has a strong chance of being a box office hit thanks to the prevalence of space and alien themes in popular culture. The fact that the genre is so abundant in the mainstream highlights how there’s a huge audience out there in search of more content. 

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Picture Could Boost Spaeny to A-Lister Status

The original Alien pictures turned Sigourney Weaver into one of the biggest stars in Hollywood and propelled her glittering career. She went on to star in other big money franchises like Ghostbusters and Avatar. The same could happen with Spaeny, who has been crying out for a role like this for some time.

One of Spaeny’s best parts to date was in the 2021 HBO miniseries, Mare of Easttown. She gained recognition as a more than capable actor in this, which could have played a huge part in her landing the lead role in the new Alien picture. If the film is a success and she steals the show, her career could skyrocket in the years that follow. 

Spaeny is still a somewhat unknown entity in Hollywood, but this may be about to change. Playing the lead role in an Alien movie could be just what she needs to take her career to the next level. 

Anabel Cooper

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