Become Tech Savvy: The Best Apps for Women on The Go

Remember the days when the ”Sorry, I’m late!” card was so sexy it was considered mandatory? Well those days are ancient history. Hello day planner, calendar, task and to do apps.

Frantically trying to remember the timings of meetings or conference calls,  remembering birthdays and dates of parties, it’s all a bit much don’t you think? If you’re a busy woman (and what woman isn’t?) it is essential to be organized and stay on top of every little detail, in every aspect of your life.

Today’s society is all about the constant rush hour and the lack of time to get things done. The only thing us girls can to do is work around it and become a bit tech savvy when it comes to remembering things or planning our day.

Here at Your Coffee Break the editorial staff live by their day planners, however our relationship with them was and still is purely platonic. As much as you try it’s hard to write everything down and keep on track with just your day planner. So how do you stay on top? Answer… smartphones and planner apps!

There are usually two things to look for when choosing a day planner app: a clean design and simple usability. If it’s simple to use and you can check your calendar in a split second then it’s a keeper!

We want to share with you the apps we use to keep things running and how we manage to get to press events, editorial meetings and everything else in between on time!

The app for Daily Tasks

For daily tasks, our newest favorite tool is this little app called Coolendar. It has a simple design and turns the matrix- style calendar into a to-do list. We love that you can add tasks in the form of plain language, for example: Tomorrow at 10 am don’t forget to bring your umbrella, the app then identifies dates and time and shows your tasks in the form of a list.  You can also add or check your task on the web and receive e-mail notifications.

The App for important dates

For events, meetings, birthdays, alarm clocks and reminders the native iOS calendar is great.  You can easily add calendar dates and trust that it will always remind you on time.

The App for simple lists

For small lists and things check out Wunderlist. This app has a similar list approach as Coolendar, but you can organize lists into folders, plus you can add dates to be reminded.  Wunderlist has a PC app as well, allowing you to synchronize everything.

When it comes to organizing your day, there’s a variety of apps to use, but they are like espresso, cappuccino, frappe or decaf, which one is your favorite?

Until next time, happy planning and don’t forget to keep in mind some wise words from John Lennon: “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans”.


Eniko Laszlo

Eniko is a tech Marketer and PR girl from Transylvania. Fashionista at heart, she worked with an advertising agency and an alternative theatre and is currently strategizing at a mobile tech start-up. Drinks her espresso first thing in the morning, while tweeting as @EnikoLaszlo.