Fashion Week Live, a Stylish Social Game

Social gaming and fashion meet on Facebook for a virtual tour of how to build a career in fashion with advice from DKNY.

If you have ever played Sims, Farmville or Mafia Wars you know what social gaming is all about, and now alongside the former games, the fashion industry has also embraced the world of interactive gaming with  Fashion Week Live.

Living exclusively on Facebook, this social fashion game sets you on a virtual journey of building a career in fashion with the help of your friends, the Fashion Week Live Community and the exclusive game partner, DKNY.

Fashion Week Live Game

 So how do you play the game and will it help your career?

Well, the adventure starts by picking out a model and some fashionable clothes (similar to our early mornings). Next, the game takes you directly to your first assignment as an aspiring stylist:  choosing casual- chic clothes for your first client. Your decisions are scrutinized instantly, so you need to train your fashion eye to earn your first paycheck.

Putting together a portfolio and getting recommendations are key to getting new job opportunities. Keeping up with the latest fashion headlines is a must, so Fashion Week Live streams you the latest news via you Fashionologie and Fashion United.

The game promises much more as you start climbing on the fashion career ladder, with tasks such as styling and producing look books, fashion shows and ad campaigns. Also, DKNY social media guru, better known as DKNY PR Girl makes the experience even more challenging by offering you virtual job opportunities and upgrades to your virtual wardrobe and apartment (We love that DKNY,who first dipped their toes in social gaming with Stardolls back in 2007, has surprised us with yet another digital adventure).

Fashion Week Live Game


Fashion Week Live seems like a fun game, and while building a career in the fashion industry implies a great amount of fun as well, let’s not forget that it’s more about work, devotion and less play.

Although the game presents the opportunity for it’s players to tap into thier own talent , and develop skills that are important in different facets of the fashion industry, following the latest fashion headlines and exercising your fashion muscle are better played in real life, than online.

Until your next coffee break, some wise words from Elbert Hubbard “Work to become, not to acquire”.


Eniko Laszlo

Eniko is a tech Marketer and PR girl from Transylvania. Fashionista at heart, she worked with an advertising agency and an alternative theatre and is currently strategizing at a mobile tech start-up. Drinks her espresso first thing in the morning, while tweeting as @EnikoLaszlo.