Jules Smith: Gold Jewelry We Actually Can Afford

This fall, everyone seem to be holding on to that Olympic gold- you’ve seen it all over the runway (or read about it here at Your Coffee Break.) So when we laid our eyes on Jules Smith’s gold fringe jewelry line, we fell hard! Yes, it was just one of those moments when you see something you must have.

Jules Smith

From bright, shiny yellows to toned-down hammered golds, freshen up the boring winter blacks and add a little movement to your outfit with these A/W must-haves.

For a chic look, the Fringe Pendant necklace adds that perfect edgy glam to a tee-shirt and skinny black jeans. To jazz up your office-wear, why not pair the necklace with a grey pencil skirt and blouse. For a date, the small movement of the earrings are totally eye-catching and for formal occasions, they’ll be stunning paired with your cocktail dress.

The best part about the fringe detail is its flexibility, which makes these pieces fall differently depending on who is wearing them. That means a totally unique look every time you slip them on. They’re classic, exotic, and completely unique, it all depends on how you wear them.  This fall, you definitely can’t go wrong with these!

The fringe necklace, bracelets and earrings from Jules Smith range from 95-160 and are available to purchase at www.NeimanMarcus.com


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