12 Reliable Websites to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

12 reliable websites to find freelance writing jobs

Being a freelance writer, I have been serving a diverse range of enterprises around the world for the last 5 years.

The good news is that anyone from anywhere can cope with it; in the UK, nearly 15% of the working population has already shifted to freelancing.

This post will give you a basic idea of all the top reliable websites where you can find freelancing writing jobs.

People Per Hour

PeoplePerHour (PPH) is an online freelance website where writers face comparatively less competition as opposed to other freelancing sites. As expected, a freelance writer should complete their PeoplePerHour profile and attach a strong portfolio. You will be asked to provide some official identity documents as well.

You will also have an option to add an hourly rate, or you can work on the fixed price jobs.


If you are looking for a well-managed freelancing writer’s website, then Upwork is a one-stop solution. Newbie writers are facing problems in the approval of their Upwork accounts but you can hit the nail with an impressive portfolio.

UpWork charges 20% fee on every project. There are diverse payment options available along with speedy customer support.


Fiverr has won a lot of fame due to its starting price at $5. There is enough potential in this platform, and the writers can win a lot of jobs even as a beginner. It allows the sellers to create their gigs and charge according to their own terms.

You can offer all types of copyright services. You will get 10 free bids every day as a starter. Initially, sellers are allowed to create 7 gigs initially. The website charges 20% of the total revenue after when the order gets completed.


As a writer, you will have a lot of big companies hiring you on Freelancer.com. All types of jobs are available, and the buyers keep on searching for the new talent to get their work done at the lowest possible cost.

Their online support is incredibly swift, and they are very polite and cooperative. The website charges either $5 or 10% (if the project cost is more than $50 or it is an hourly project) fee. Membership plan starts from $4.99 for 50 bids per month. They also provide a few free bids after some specified intervals of time.


Over the years, EssayPro has gained the reputation of a reliable employer offering a wide range of orders to take. Hired freelance writers are asked to help with academic assignments that correspond their educational background. The tasks vary from simple essay proofreading to researching dissertation ideas.

Working for EssayPro allows the freelancers to earn some good money, as well as strengthen their expertise in almost any area: from marketing and social sciences to mathematics and engineering.   


Guru gives the best job opportunities to the starters. Although writing jobs are lesser as compared to the other freelance websites, yet sellers do not face stiff competition. Most of the projects are around writing website content and SEO posts. Sign up for this website is free and sellers receive 10 free bids a month. However, sellers can subscribe for 50 bids per month in $8.95 (billed annually).

BloggingPro Job Board

You will find various job options on this platform. When writers look for different career opportunities in journalism, magazines, blogging, proofreading, editing, technical and content writing, then BloggingPro is one of the reputed sites.

Sellers are usually required to submit an application, and it takes 24 to 48 hours to get approval or rejection mail. It has been serving as a free platform for different job hunters. However, BloggingPro is charging $30 (a month) to different organisations and businesses for the placement of job opportunities.


FlexJobs is a job listing platform, providing jobs with the adjustable schedule. There are different jobs of the part-time writers which can be done remotely. The jobs are offered by various businesses and organisations around the world.

All the jobs are closely monitored before being submitted to the website. There is a monthly plan for $14.95. However, if you are pleased with the services, then buying an annual subscription for $49.95 is recommended. The job procedure is to check the Flex Job page which directs you to the business website of the employer company.

Project 4 Hire

Jobs with filter options are available on Project4Hire, and the results are in accordance to the budget, area, and the name of the candidate. There are some additional categorising options for job selection, but their budget stays hidden. SafePay Escrow service is also available on this platform.

The website charges $5 for each project. A freelancer is capable of bidding, leaving remarks and communicating with customers by upgrading the account with the charges of $10 on monthly basis.

Writer Bay

As name indicates, this website is for writers where they can join to get freelance jobs from all the corners of the world. You can charge $20 per page which will help you earn a considerable amount of money if you work consistently. The platform offers instantaneous support to the writers. It provides assistance in dealing with different complicated clients as well.

Media Bistro

MediaBistro is providing freelancer with media associated jobs. The platform enables freelancers to concentrate on their strong areas to discover related career opportunities.

MediaBistro is free of charge platform for the job hunters. However, buyers have to pay a subscription fee to list work for you. The website provides different writing jobs for billboards, catalogs, advertisements, websites, brochures, and emails.

Alternative Way: Guest Blogging

Although guest blogging is one of the well-known techniques to get backlinks, it is also a great way for young freelancers to get started with blogging. Some webmasters pay their contributors. Obviously, the payment is not guaranteed and cannot substitute a full-time job, it is highly beneficial to have an outstanding portfolio if your works were published on Forbes or Huffington Post.


There are innumerable benefits of being a freelancer, and the best part is that you live a life of freedom. You accept only that work which you think is the right fit for you and you can control your workload easily.

I recommend the readers to use the above platforms to get started and continue working remotely. There is a huge demand for content writing and one day you can make it a full time career.

Elizabeth Price

Elizabeth Price is a creative content & blog writer interested in education, marketing, and business-related topics. Now a New York resident, she attends journalism courses. Eager to provide high-quality content, she looks for proven statistics, and speaks to experts before writing.

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