Packing for a Work-Away Conference

Are you about to go on your first business trip? Are you stressing out about what to pack in your suitcase? Do you nervously pack everything you see because you simply don’t know what you’d need?

Not knowing how to pack for a work-away conference may be added up to the list of mistakes you can make on a business trip. Why? Imagine dragging your heavy suitcase to the airport first and then paying too much money for extra luggage weight. That’s how your business trip get spoiled right away.

Packing essentials is what you need to start your trip preparation with. But how do you do that if everything seems too important? Here are some tips for packing for a work-away conference that will help you calm down and analyze what you do and don’t need.


First to Go In: Computer & Charger

While this may be too obvious, when you start stressing out over what to pack up in your luggage, your computer is the last thing you are thinking about.

If you’re going on a business trip or a work-away conference, taking your computer is essential as it contains all necessary documents and is your assistant in helping you prepare for a speech or do some research.

And don’t forget the charger! It would be a pity if your computer turns off at a very inconvenient moment.

Absolutely Necessary: Smartphone & Charger

In the last minute, when you’re rushing to the airport, you may not forget your phone, but you’ll definitely forget the charger. Then you’ll have to buy a new one and waste money.

Your phone is like your personal assistant: it often contains information like flight details, credit card information, necessary phone numbers, and if your battery dies, you’ll instantly lose access to a crucial information.

Small tip: If you have a couple of smartphones you need to bring with you on a business trip, you can separate the chargers by sticking different colors of a washi tape so you could easily find the one you need. You can be very creative with it!

To Remember Everything: Pack Your Planner

Get prepared for an active conference weekend ahead of you! You’ll be getting a lot of new information and there’s no way you can remember everything.

Here’s where you’ll need your planner to help you keep track of everything. Using your planner may be overwhelming when you’re getting so much new information, so try to break it down into several logical parts. You can go back to your notes later to make them more organized.

Bring your planner everywhere you go during the conference. Use it to write down important phone numbers or to collect business cards.

Essential: Wallet, Documents, Tickets, Keys

These things are the last ones to go in your carry-on luggage because they should be easily accessible. Check your wallet for enough cash and credit cards, check your passport and put tickets inside, and of course, don’t forget about the keys.

One of these four essential things, unfortunately, can be easily forgotten when you’re in a rush. “It just so happens that I’m always in a rush when I’m about to go on a business trip”, says Maddison Hill, a manager at “I figured out that the best thing to do is to start packing the night before. It’s better to sleep on the plane after than to forget something really important”.


First to Go In: Suits and Dresses

If your conference has a dress code, think about it right before you start packing. Prepare appropriate clothes that will go in your luggage first. Make sure that they are clean and neat.

If you’re afraid that your clothes will get wrinkled in the luggage, you can use one of the tips to de-wrinkle clothes without using the iron. One cool way to do that if you don’t have access to an iron, is using a hair straightener.

Absolutely Necessary: Casual Clothes

You might have some free time while being on a business trip. This means that you might get an opportunity to walk around the city you’re travelling to, and you don’t want to do that wearing clothes that are ‘too official’.

Pack a pair of comfortable jeans, sneakers, and of course, don’t forget about a jacket. If the weather suddenly changes you don’t want to freeze and get sick.

Essential: Toothbrush, Deodorant, Makeup

Wherever you go, you need to look and feel flawless. You should look neat and well-groomed, especially if you’re about to meet important people who are interested in working with you. Also, don’t forget about packing some medicine. Ibuprofen will help you fight sudden headaches, so it’s essential.

Concluding Thoughts…

The most necessary thing, however, is to remain calm while packing for a business trip. To help yourself concentrate better, you can print out checklists to make sure you won’t forget the most necessary things. By following them you won’t forget must-haves you absolutely need to bring along. And more importantly, you’ll be calm and confident that you haven’t forgotten anything.

By: Diana Clark

Diana Clark once gave up her educator career for something she always dreamed about – writing. Diana is a freelance writer at Awriter. She discovers the world of digital nomads and believes that some day people will become location independent. Feel free to follow Diana on Twitter.

Diana Clark

Diana Clark has gone a long path from being a recruiter to a successful career coach. She loves guiding people through their business practice and helps all confident women to make the transition from full-time employees to successful entrepreneurs. Diana uses her unique writing gifts to inspire others and reclaim their true power.

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