Modern Career Choices For Side Hustlers

Modern career choices for side hustlers

Modern career choices for side hustlers

The internet has significantly broadened the scope of many activities from shopping choices to our gaming activities and has become the religion of budding entrepreneurs who are looking to pursue their passions. It’s been fascinating to see how the online domain has expanded our career options and enabled us to make our own schedules, with the likes of the sharing economy, blogging, coaching and even some more entertaining ways to make money like watching Netflix and playing casino games.

Tons of people have successfully started a full-time business or a side hustle outside of their 9-to-5. In fact, starting a side gig was the biggest career trend of 2015. Although, it can be tricky to know exactly how to get started, and as a result we are checking out some very modern career choices to make it easier for you to turn your passion into your paycheck.

Sharing economy

The sharing economy has meant that we can all earn a little extra cash on the side by offering our services. Thanks to innovative apps like Airbnb, we can let out our homes to tourists and explorers, and although we might not want to become full-time taxi drivers, the rise of Uber shows how technology has helped many people work as and when they want.

If you want to share your culinary skills, then Eatwith allows you to set your menu and dining experience in order to provide home-cooked food and earn money whilst doing so. And although the flexible nature of the sharing economy means that it requires a little discipline, it does allow you to make money on your own terms whilst adopting a friends’ circle of other entrepreneurs.

Entertainment options

If all of that sounds too much like hard work, then consider those who have joined Netflix’s Stream Team. This has provided many youngsters with the enviable prospect of binge-watching the streaming service in order to appropriately categorise and rate the movies and TV shows.

Some lucky people have even used their video-game playing prowess to make money through using sites like Twitch who pay advertising royalties to the top gamers. And even if you’re not a top video game player yourself, then some of the simple live games of roulette and blackjack at Mr Smith Casino can help you keep your finger on the pulse of this rapidly growing way that many people pick up some extra pocket money.

Blogging opportunities

Regardless of whether you’re a gardener, interior lover, fashionista or a gamer, there’s good money to be made by running your own blog. Services like Blogger and WordPress make it simple to set up a polished site, and once you have added Google AdSense to monetise your content you just have to attract readers (and clients!) to your page.

This means that whether you’re writing about your favourite cookery recipes, what’s seen on the catwalk or travels, you can earn income from sharing your knowledge with your readers. Just don’t forget to keep your blog regularly updated with plenty of relevant and insightful information to build traffic and make money in a very 21st century manner!

Public Relations

Have a knack for proactive action to raise awareness and build reputations? You might be skilled in public relations. Ideal for individuals with communications degrees who’ve completed coursework in public relations and marketing, many companies are on the hunt for contracted PR specialists who are able to provide services on an as-needed basis for specific campaigns. PR specialists in many fields earn more than $50,000 a year. If you have the qualifications, don’t overlook this possibility.

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