How To Wrap Up Your Internship

How to wrap up your internship

how to wrap up your internship

Once you start hearing the words “back to school” it can be tempting to drop all responsibilities in the name of soaking up every last drop of summer. But if you’ve spent the past few months working at your dream internship, there are still a few things left to do. After an entire summer of coming in early, staying late, pitching your own project ideas and impressing your bosses, you’ll definitely want to end your internship on a high note. Here are three ways to make sure you wrap up your internship the best way possible.

1. Sending a personal thank you note

While we all grow up learning to say please and thank you, sometimes as we get older we forget how valuable a hand-written thank you note can be. Make sure to spend some time writing a few thoughtful notes for your supervisors and the rest of your team. Add a small gift if you feel so inclined (you can never go wrong with a homemade treat) and hand-deliver it on the last day of your internship. Also, don’t forget about thanking your fellow interns. They’re the ones you vented to during your afternoon slump, anyway!

2. Create an intern guide

You may already be asked to do this, but at the end of your internship write up a short document of all the instructions, tips, and additional notes (the wifi password, the dress code) you’ve gathered during your time at the company. Not only will it serve as a reference for future interns, but it will also give your supervisors an updated guide for training the interns that come after you. Plus, a little extra work never hurt anybody.

3. Get coffee…

…with your supervisor! While you may have spent the entire summer sending each other emails and swapping project notes from across the office, you may not have been able to spend any real time getting to know him or her. Take these last few weeks to get a cup of coffee and pick your supervisor’s brain for advice on future internships and your career field. Chances are, they’ll have some pretty useful things to say.

Finishing your internship on a good note is just as important as all the hard work you’ve done so far. You want them to remember you as the hardworking, sparkling girl that you are, so don’t be afraid to go that extra mile and really wow them during those last few days.

Madison Feller

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