Your New Travel Must-Have: The Shower in a Can!

While festivals and foreign holidays are off the cards right now, if you’re anything like us, your travel bug means finding adventure a little closer to home.

It’s easy to forget the beauty that is available right on our own doorstep, having spent many years favouring sunny escapes over a staycation…

The UK is simply bursting with sights to see and we’re making lots of exciting plans for 2021. From stunning coastal scenery down in Cornwall, to the breath-taking Scottish Highlands, and many wonderful National Parks such as the Lake District. 2020 has certainly given us a new perspective on not only life itself, but how we travel too! 

Spending more time exploring your own country is also an eco-friendlier way to travel too. Reducing those airline miles and, actually, we’ve come to realise that camping isn’t all that bad either! It’s certainly a far-cry from the experience we had on our Junior School trip. Ok, we aren’t quite pitching up our own tent single-handedly just yet, but there are an abundance of fantastic glamping and safari-tent style camping experiences scattered across the country that will provide you the adventure you’ve been looking for.

And the good news is, we’ve discovered a must-have beauty product that will totally transform your next trip! We certainly know we’ll be packing it for our next staycation adventure. Introducing Shower in a Can, yes, really. A decade of travel and festival woes has finally been answered with this fantastic invention. Oh, how different Glastonbury 2016 could have been with this little beauty…

So, how does the Shower in a Can work?

It’s simple, actually. Shower in a Can is an antibacterial dry shower-foam that you apply to your skin and that dries off in a matter of seconds. No need to rinse and no need to towel dry either, hoorah! Essentially, whenever you’re in need of a shower and there either isn’t one around or the shower available isn’t so appealing (errr hello dodgy campsite shower block) then Shower in a Can will give you the freshen up you need, plus with the added convenience of not having to carry around towels or numerous toiletries. 

How many showers does each can provide? 

The cans are travel-friendly at 100ml (perfect for slipping in your hand luggage if flying!), and contain up to 20 showers! That’s more than enough for a few camping trips, a festival or perhaps even just after your brisk morning walk to the office. 

Does the Shower in a Can contain any harsh chemicals?

You may expect that a new invention such as this would be packed with obscure chemicals and a lot of long words, but, the Shower in a Can is actually alcohol, paraben and aerosol-gas free. 

Is the Shower in a Can eco-friendly?

The Shower in a Can is indeed eco-friendly, in more ways than one. The can is made from recyclable aluminium, and you will save up to 50 litres of water per use! How incredible is that? 

Is the Shower in a Can suitable for vegans?

The good news is, the Shower in a Can is cruelty-free AND it carries the Vegan Society Trademark! 

Camping just became a whole lot more attractive with this revolutionary new product, but not only is it great for trips in the wild, it’s perfect for those who enjoy a lunchtime workout, or just want to freshen up during a busy day.  

It’s handy, it’s hygienic, it’s a total gamechanger! Find out more about the Shower in a Can here

Tilly-Jayne Kidman

Tilly is a graduate in fashion marketing and currently works in social media. She writes for various publications including the Huffington Post as well as her own fashion and lifestyle blog In her spare time she's usually wandering around her home city of Cambridge, making travel plans or finding a new restaurant to try out.