Jaipur Rugs Celebrates Women’s Design, Guaranteeing the Workers Better Living Conditions

Jaipur Rugs, an Indian company founded in 1976, specialises in the design and production of rugs according to a vision that integrates the enhancement of craft techniques with a profound professional ethos.

The desire to create a sustainable working model led the company to commit itself to providing weavers with looms and technical means, enabling them to work directly in their homes.

Thanks to a capillary production chain that moves door-to-door, the production of the carpets is spread across the territory, guaranteeing the workers better living conditions and the opportunity to develop and increase their artistic potential.

Particular attention is also given to the women’ conditions: of the more than 40,000 weavers from rural India, 85% are women. Part of the production, right from the planning and design stages, is in fact entrusted to the weavers themselves, who from expert craftswomen become the generators of a hidden creativity, in a unique movement that leads from imagination to the realisation of the carpet.

The initiative, which began as an experiment and then developed into a cultural movement, is called Manchaha and is a collection of carpets containing unique pieces made entirely by the weavers, starting from the design phase. The project reflects the imagery of ancient rural India and allows each woman to become a true designer, a storyteller told through the carpet.

The Jaipur Rugs showroom in Milan, hosts the collection in an itinerary that winds its way through animal and natural motifs, with rugs that emphasise the aquatic element through references to the lotus flower, the movements of ponds of water and the earth; colourful patterns refer to the theme of travel and inspirations drawn from everyday objects close the circle on a total narrative of ancient rural India. If you are interested to purchase decor pieces to elevate any room, you can start by checking out rugs such as the tapis enfant.


Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.