The Twin Sisters Shaking Up the World of Plant Shopping

We all have our own interior preferences. Some of us prefer wood to carpet, some prefer curtains to blinds. However, one thing we can all agree on is that when it comes to house plants, the more the merrier. The simple addition of a house plant can instantly uplift a room. There’s something about indoor greenery which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but adds an element of comfort and homeliness to a space.

In recent years, this has been widely recognised and as a result, house plants are now bringing life to bleak offices and bland bedrooms all over the world. However, it can be difficult to seamlessly transfer over to the plant-loving community with no prior knowledge. What’s more, once you have established your green fingers, you might find yourself wanting to explore more options than those available at your local botanical shop. Fear not. We’re here to introduce you to Green Rooms, the company shaking up the world of plant shopping.

Annie and Jemma Charman are twin sisters, business partners, mothers and founders of Green Rooms. Originally a pop-up botanical market, Green Rooms has now developed into an online marketplace for both new and established plant lovers to discover brands, styles, and create their own personal sanctuary of greenery. It was first formed while the sisters were on maternity leave from their day jobs in London; Jemma, a homeware buyer and Annie, a Project Manager. Whilst juggling the task of new parenthood, the sisters set about in collaborating their skills to set up a side-hustle business. As a result, the UK’s first pop-up houseplant market was launched.

Since 2018, the sisters have been building a close network of houseplant shops and botanical designer-makers across the country. They have explained that in growing up as twins, they have “long understood the importance of togetherness over competitiveness and likewise, central to the success of Green Rooms is the ethos of collaboration over competition.” In bringing together some of the UK’s best indie brands, Green Rooms has been able to establish their pop-ups to delight customers with unique, urban-jungle shopping experiences. Now, their newly launched online marketplace brings these exciting experiences online.

Customers can discover a wide range of plants, pots, and plant care from various brands, join a thriving community for plant lovers, and learn more about caring for their new greenery. And the best part? They can do all of it from the one website, in the comfort of their own homes.

If you haven’t yet jumped aboard the house plant bandwagon, we’d strongly encourage you to go for it. Not only do indoor plants instantly enhance the overall look and feel of a space, but studies show that they actually have the power to boost moods, increase creativity, reduce stress, and eliminate air toxins.

If it all seems a bit overwhelming, browsing the Green Rooms website is a great place to start. Not only do they distinguish between the indoor and outdoor types, but each plant comes with its own description of how to care for it. Plus, they have their very own blog section that clarifies all the information you’ll need, from how often and much you should water them to how to decorate with them.

When it comes to house plants, the question is not whether or not you should get one. Instead, it’s a matter of using Green Rooms to choose which style, brand, and just how many you would like.

Enhance the space around you today with nature and make for a healthier, happier you. Welcome to plant parenthood.

Josie Wilkins

Josie is a Journalism graduate from Galway, Ireland. In her free time, she writes for her blog, Naturally Fuelled (@josiewilkins on instagram). When she isn't writing, she enjoys playing the one song she knows on the piano, 'I Giorni', saving the postman from her aggressive Shorkie, and defending brussels sprouts as an all-year-round snack!