Why You Should Consider an Asbestos Survey to Keep Your Household Safe

Asbestos is a hazardous, naturally occurring mineral that was formerly used in several construction materials many years ago which can be extremely harmful if it is not handled appropriately and removed.

The use of all asbestos has been banned in the UK since 1999 which means any home constructed before the 2000s could contain asbestos. A lot of the time, asbestos in buildings is totally risk-free but can become a problem when it is disturbed – so it is certainly something to be wary of.

If you are moving into a new home or are unsure of when your current home was built, it could be worth considering an asbestos survey. In some cases when working with other contractors, like having a residential roofing contractor performing work on your roof, they could find this material in the process. It is at this point that it would be best to call experts in this particular field, as asbestos treatment requires knowledge and expertise that only professionals possess.

In a newly-built home this is far less likely as there are more regulations and safety restrictions in place currently. Contractors are more careful about the materials they use for their builds. As the home is under construction, construction companies usually employ Construction Shrink Wrap in exposed areas in order to keep them safe from the elements as they operate. This will usually mean that the materials are in top condition upon completion of the project. This leads to a more durable and reliable end result. Contractors taking better care about the materials they use and maintaining them in the best condition they can as they build means that you shouldn’t have to worry about this risk as much, and can instead turn your attention elsewhere. It is worth mentioning that you only stand to benefit from an full inspection of any property before making such a life-altering decision just to be safe, however.

What is the risk of asbestos and why was it banned?

The term “asbestos” refers to a collection of minerals that, when inhaled, can be extremely dangerous as they contain minute fibres that are damaging to the lungs. 

Well before the health risks of asbestos were widely understood, it was employed in buildings as an insulation material. Although it is no longer permitted in the UK, many structures built before 2000 still contain asbestos – especially commercial buildings. 

Asbestos poses very little risk if it is left undisturbed, but if it is, it can release its fibres into the air and affect people who breathe them in by causing health issues and affecting the lungs. An adequate asbestos survey can help you tackle asbestos and keep your household safe. To find an asbestos survey service near you, just search your location on Google with a key term like asbestos surveying.

You can never be sure a house is asbestos-free without a proper asbestos check

Never assume that a property you are buying or one that you currently own doesn’t contain asbestos. A typical home inspection isn’t sufficient enough to determine the full scope of the issue with asbestos. If you have encountered material in your home that may contain asbestos, it is crucial to prioritize safety by seeking professional assistance for asbestos testing. Only through professional testing can you accurately assess the presence and extent of asbestos, ensuring appropriate measures can be taken to address the situation effectively. 

If you’re buying a new property, a home buyers survey could identify some of the most obvious areas of a home that could potentially contain asbestos, but no home surveyor is qualified to conduct asbestos surveys or take samples. That’s why an asbestos survey can prove to be a worthy investment.

A comprehensive asbestos survey will provide you with a thorough study of the asbestos’ condition as well as an estimate of how much it will probably cost you to remove it from your household. A survey will ensure that both your home and those who live inside will be extra safe from any potential health risks. If not, you can consult legal counsel about asbestos exposure.

Is an asbestos survey a legal requirement when buying a home?

Most people consider asbestos surveys when they are buying a new home unless they are concerned about potential risks in their existing household. For properties developed after 2000, it is not legally required to complete an asbestos survey when buying. But there are a number of compelling reasons why it’s a wise decision to conduct one anyway. You will receive advice from the survey on how to handle or dispose of asbestos properly if you find it in your household.

Asbestos survey when selling a property

The need for a survey is often only brought up by a buyer or the lender, so you don’t need to worry about one. That said, although selling a home containing asbestos is legal in the UK, you should let prospective buyers know if you are aware of it. An asbestos consultant sydney can help you identify this. 

An asbestos survey can help when entering a lease

In most instances, the responsibility for the asbestos in a property is yours if you sign a lease under which you are responsible for the property’s maintenance. If there is asbestos present, you should ask your landlord for current information to make sure it is safe and manageable.

A local authority can require you to supply a survey

You could be obliged to provide a competent asbestos survey to a local authority as part of the development process if you have planning approval for a new building, expansion, or alteration to a property or building. Getting in touch with a specialist asbestos surveying company could be the first step to securing an effective asbestos survey that will please a local authority. From there, they can advise which type of survey is best for your home or property. 

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