The Best Home Improvement Projects For Your Rental Property

When you have a rental property that you are trying to find a tenant for, there are some things that you can do to make the home more appealing. When people look for rental accommodation such as an apartment or home for rent, there are some things that catch their eye or that are more important to them. From updating the kitchen to knocking out walls to create new spaces, here are some of the best home improvement projects that you can do to make your rental property shine.


A house has two rooms that a potential renter examines closely, the kitchen and the bathroom. Updating the appliances in the kitchen, replacing countertops, and updating cabinet doors are simple projects that can make a major difference in the way your rental property looks to potential tenants. In addition to making sure the kitchen looks nice, it is also important to update it occasionally so that your tenants are using new and safe equipment. There are a variety of different things that go into designing a safe kitchen, so do your research.

Like a kitchen, a dingy or old looking bathroom can make the rest of the house look less elegant than it is. If the toilet or sink is old, replace them. Cabinets in bathrooms can also look worn if they are older, so be prepared to replace those as well. Tiles and showerheads deserve a closer look, though another project that can greatly improve the look of your rental home is to replace the bathroom sink. This can become a fun focal point for the room.

Outdoor Improvement

If the outside of your rental house does not look appealing, you may lose potential tenants. There are some great projects that you can do to make sure that the outside of your house is just as appealing as the inside. First, a pressure wash will make sure that the house is clean and appealing to potential renters. It will also let you know if the house needs another coat of paint or a new residential siding installation with the help of residential siding contractors.

Another great project that will improve the look of the house is to replace the doors. This not only maintains the clean and well-kept look of the house, it also gives you a chance to change the aesthetics of the front rooms. Other projects include beautification of the garden or landscaping. A well-maintained garden and flowers in the flower beds are appealing to potential tenants. Landscaping can also mean rock gardens, ponds, fence repair, and other projects that help maintain the yard. You can read more about northwoodoutdoorservices, here! All of these projects can work together or separately to give your rental property an appealing look before the potential tenant even steps in the door.

Adjust the Layout

Some houses are not built with wide open spaces. They can be dark and cramped, which is not necessarily a good thing. When you are working on updating your rental house, it might be worth it to make some adjustments to the floor plan. Often, kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms are opened up into one space, which allows for more light to fill that area. It can also give your house the appearance of being bigger than it might actually be. On the other hand, if the house has quite a few very large rooms, dividing some of those rooms to create several smaller rooms or suites can also be a good adjustment, depending on what type of house you are renting and for how long.

By improving the landscaping, making repairs to the exterior, updating the kitchen and bathroom, and making adjustments to the layout of your rental property, you can either attract a new renter or make the one that you currently have very happy when they see the new repairs that have been made to the house. Whether it’s a luxury villa or a two-bedroom house, these are all aspects of a house that tenants appreciate having taken care of. 

Elena Tahora

Elena is a seasoned property investor and real estate agent. She is now working as marketing consultant whilst pursuing her passion for journalism.