Get The SS13 Catwalk Look At Home. Tips From YCB’s Hair Guru Leo Bancroft

Get the SS13 catwalk look at home with ease by following my how tos on two of the hottest (and my favourite) styles predicted for 2013.

hairtrend ss13

Jean Paul Gaultier took inspiration from icons like Madonna and her 80s retro style for the models at the SS13 catwalk.

– Begin by working in Instantly Sleek Smoothing Serum to make sure your locks are frizz trend ss13

– Make sure the hair is straight by straightening the entire head with straighteners. This will ensure the style is sleek and frizz free.

– Using a paddle brush, sprayed with Secretly Styled Firm Hold Hairspray brush the entire hair up into a ponytail that sits on the crown.

– My top tip for this step would be to tip the head upside down, gathering the hair together into a ponytail. This will prevent any bumps as you want a tight, sleek finish.

– Secure the ponytail with a Bungee Band, inserting the hook, winding the band around and then inserting the second hook once tight enough.

– Spray with lashing of hairspray to ensure it is held in place.

– For the ends, use a large barrelled, heated tong and curl the entire end of the pony tail into one big curl. Wrap the hair around the barrel, hold for 30 seconds and then release, twisting the curl around your fingers as you do to ensure the curl stays in shape.

– For the 80s feel, use a piece of black material and wrap it around the bungee band to obtain some height in your ponytail and secure with a hair pin.

Chris Benz created mermaid-esque hairstyles. The light, cotton candy like styles are perfect for spring/summer creating a 20s feel.

– Begin by dusting the hair with Rapidly Revived Dry Shampoo for a matte trend ss13

– If you still own a pair of crimpers from back in the day then you can get them out of the wardrobe and blow off the dust! Crimping hair from the tops of the ears to the tips.

– If you don’t own a pair of crimpers, this style is easy to re-create by plaiting damp hair in inch wide plaits until the entire head is complete.

– To get the crimped effect, plaits must be completely dry before being undone. Either leave them over night or go over them with a blow dryer or hair straighteners.

– Once you have achieved the crimped wave, comb through with a Jumbo Comb NOT a brush as this will make the hair frizzy.

– Too much product will weigh the hair down so spray with a light dusting of hairspray.


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Leo Bancroft

Leo Bancroft initiated his hairdressing career training with Vidal Sassoon and later going on to teach at the Vidal Sassoon Academy. Leo’s TV debut on Channel 4’s ‘The Salon’ urged tens of thousands to vote for him as the nation’s favourite hairdresser. Currently, Leo trains his staff at his flagship salon in Surrey and also travels across the globe educating large groups of hopefuls with his award winning shows and seminars. He has accumulated awards including Young Business Leader 2010 and Southern Hairdresser of the Year 2009.