Grunge Glam

Grunge glam is a key look for the coming season and can be worn and adapted in many ways.

The most important factor is that there are no set rules. Hair should look unpolished and slightly messy, taking the bed head look to the extreme. The glamour factor comes in the form of shine. Hair still needs to be in good condition and the look is a combination of rough and glossy. Yes, you can still use hair powders or my Rapidly Revived Dry Shampoo to slightly mattify, but on the whole, you want to look cool, not as though you actually have neglected your hair.

A messy braid is the perfect way to rock the grunge look. The perfect braid is all about preparation; try to braid hair that is around a day old or, if just washed, use a product that will texturise and add hold; with perfectly volumised, volume boost mousse. Using even tension in both hands and separating your hair into even sections when creating your braid is also extremely important- this can be difficult, especially when the majority of people are either right of left handed but practicing will ensure you do not end up with a wonky style!

Braids work best on medium to long hair and can be quite tricky- so maybe ask a friend for some help. If you have shorter hair or thinner hair, braids can be incorporated with hairbands or little boho style mini braids.

1. Begin by separating your hair into three equal parts, and plait as normal (right over centre, left over centre etc.

2. Plait the hair tightly – you can loosen this off afterwards and it’ll ensure it stays in all day.

3. Keep plaiting and adding hair until you reach your desired length and secure with a snag free band.

Creating a tousled plait is really simple – after plaiting, just lightly loosen the style and pull out some strands to give a carefree look, then give a quick spray of Secretly Styled Firm Hold Hairspray. The hint is in the name, you want to look secretly styled, care free and messy but no dragged through a hedge look.



Photo courtesy:

Leo Bancroft

Leo Bancroft initiated his hairdressing career training with Vidal Sassoon and later going on to teach at the Vidal Sassoon Academy. Leo’s TV debut on Channel 4’s ‘The Salon’ urged tens of thousands to vote for him as the nation’s favourite hairdresser. Currently, Leo trains his staff at his flagship salon in Surrey and also travels across the globe educating large groups of hopefuls with his award winning shows and seminars. He has accumulated awards including Young Business Leader 2010 and Southern Hairdresser of the Year 2009.