Wanna Get Kate Middleton’s Fabulous Hair? Follow These Steps For The Ultimate ‘Chelsea Blow-Dry’

Kate Middleton Blowout

Kate Middleton is the queen of the ‘Chelsea Blow-Dry.’ She works this timeless hairstyle with both glamour and sophistication. Follow my step by step guide for achieving Kate Middleton’s tumbling tresses at home.

What you will need: 

– Jumbo Comb

– Totally Protected Heat Defence Spray

– Secretly Styled Firm Hold Hair Spray

– Rapidly Revived Dry Shampoo

– Big Round Brush/The Round Brush

– Gloriously Glossy Shine Spray

– Blissfully Bouncy Thermo Rollers XLarge/Large/Medium

Step 1: Begin with towel dried hair. Completely dry hair is often frizzy and difficult to manage.Kate Middleton's fabulous hair

Step 2: Comb through with a wide toothed comb and spray liberally with Totally Protected Heat Defence Spray.

Step 3: For an extra volume boost, spritz the roots with Rapidly Revived Dry Shampoo and massage in.

Step 4: Dry the hair in sections using a round blow dry brush and hairdryer making sure each section is the width and length of the brush you are using.

Top Tip: Heat the root as this secures maximum root lift which is necessary for this bouncy blow-dry look. Also make sure you are working from the front section to the back, because as you blow dry, the front section of hair will dry leaving it frizzy and unmanageable.

Step 5: Once all the sections are dry, add in rollers. To re-create Kate’s curls you need large rollers, which create a bigger, bouncier, curl. If your hair is of medium length or shorter you may need to use a smaller roller.

Step 6: Wrap the sections of hair around the roller ensuring all ends of the hair are rolled under to achieve the perfect finish.

Step 7: Blast the rollers with the hairdryer for a minute or so and then leave them to cool down and set for 10 minutes.

Step 8: Remove the rollers, twisting the hair as you do to retain the curl, and then run your fingers through to blend the curls.

Step 9: Flip your hair upside down and spritz with Secretly Styled Firm Hold Hairspray all over for maximum staying power.

Step 10: Smooth out the top with a brush and hairdryer being careful not to brush out the ends.

Top Tip: For shiny, healthy locks, spray with the Gloriously Glossy Shine Spray!

Leo Bancroft

Leo Bancroft initiated his hairdressing career training with Vidal Sassoon and later going on to teach at the Vidal Sassoon Academy. Leo’s TV debut on Channel 4’s ‘The Salon’ urged tens of thousands to vote for him as the nation’s favourite hairdresser. Currently, Leo trains his staff at his flagship salon in Surrey and also travels across the globe educating large groups of hopefuls with his award winning shows and seminars. He has accumulated awards including Young Business Leader 2010 and Southern Hairdresser of the Year 2009.