7 Best Gambling Destinations in the World

With gambling laws slowly relaxing and getting more people engaged in various fun and responsible gambling games around the world, the land-based casino industry is continuously enjoying its popularity and rapidly growing. That made operators see the need to put up more and more casinos to cater to their patrons.

Interestingly, gambling is now helping promote local tourism in different countries around the world. That’s why governments invite investors to put up and operate casinos in their countries through passing laws beneficial for the industry.

Let’s take a look at the best gambling destinations in the world based on their laws, games and overall operation, as well as touristic aesthetics!

1. Las Vegas

Having Las Vegas on this list isn’t at all surprising, as it always gets in on every list. Though, watch out for more and more contenders from the United States (such as Chicago, Reno, and the good old Atlantic City).

Once known as the gambling capital of the world, you’ll never fall short of entertainment in Las Vegas. From mid-level to luxury-level casinos, games like poker, blackjack, and roulette are always up for fun. 

There are more or less 144 casinos here, more of them around the four-mile stretch of the world-famous gambling area called “The Strip”. Your gambling options are limitless when you’re in Vegas. 

This American city never sleeps so casino lights are always on 24/7. Las Vegas is called “Sin City” for some reason.

2. Macau

While the Chinese law prohibits citizens any act of gambling from live or online casinos, Macau (a Chinese Special Administrative Region) was spared from this rule. In fact, it has made a mark as Las Vegas’ prime competitor to be named as the world’s gambling capital.

More money is being gambled in Macau’s casinos than elsewhere in the world, booting up its economy. The entire Asia-Pacific region spends its hard-earned dollars in Macau as opposed to Vegas, making Macau a massive gambling hub for Asian tycoons.

3. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is also known as a gamblers’ haven with a very tolerant legislative framework for all types of gambling operations. Jane, from BingoTalks, mentioned how people often play multiple games in England; such as wagering on sports betting and online bingo. 

With a very high number of casino goers, the market is believed to be the strongest in terms of value and investments. That greatly helps the economy, especially when all casinos are required to pay taxes and a UKGC license.

If you’re in the United Kingdom, you’ll have a vast selection of land-based casinos across the country to play your favourite casino games. Not to mention the long list of online casinos you can play in.

4. Monaco

Monaco is like the superstar on this list. Appearing in several movies like the James Bond films, the classy and sophisticated casinos in this small European country are always aesthetically pleasing.

Aside from the fact that casinos here have picturesque views, games are also a huge thing in Monaco. Monte Carlo casinos will level up your casino experience with high-stakes games and big events like poker tournaments.

You’ll definitely enjoy playing in the world’s most iconic casinos that were erected in the 19th century.

5. Singapore

If you’re from Asia or you’re planning to have a trip there, Singapore may be a good deal for you, especially if you love architecture as much as you love gambling.

Singapore may not be an established, not even a popular, gambling destination like the others, it boasts the Marina Bay Sands which houses the world’s most expensive casino. Not just expensive, the structure has the largest atrium casino with four levels of gaming floor-space for your vast options of gambling games.

The iconic three-tower building is connected by the world’s largest rooftop pool that will give you a great view of the Singapore skyline.

6. Canada

Canada is also a great gambling destination as gambling here isn’t completely regulated. You’ll mostly enjoy the best casinos in Canada among provinces like Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec.

People are allowed to visit and play at all live or online casinos with no limits given that the establishment is licensed to operate by the Canadian government. Canada makes about $13 billion profit out of casinos every year.

7. Australia

Nobody gambles as the Aussies do. With over 6.8 million people gambling on a daily basis, that’s about 39% of their population, Australia has the highest number of casino-goers around the world. No wonder why the gambling industry is thriving in this small continent in the pacific. 

You’ll definitely enjoy winning here because it’s one of the few countries that don’t tax gambling winnings. That means players can take home all their winnings without the revenue collection agency coming for them.

With all those interesting facts above, you might think that gambling addiction is very high in Australia, but no. Gambling addiction is not really a big concern here given that only about 0.5% – 1% of gamblers suffer from addiction. 

That makes our list of the top best gambling destinations in the world. If you love to travel and enjoy casinos, you should definitely take note and highlight these places for you to visit next time. Visiting these places won’t only give you the freedom to play but will also help you relax and chill out!

Riya Sander

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