Quick Guide to Las Vegas in 2021

The spiritual home of world casino culture, Las Vegas remains at the top of all serious gamblers’ bucket lists.

Since time immemorial, Sin City has been synonymous with fun, thrills and everything gambling related. It goes without saying that Las Vegas is home to the best casinos on earth.

Certainly, Vegas is the kind of city where you could fall into the trap of believing all casinos are the same. Yet you would be wrong. In this article, we will offer up a comprehensive look at Sin City. Once you’re done here, check out this guide to Las Vegas to make your preparation even more comprehensive.

Without question, it is the sheer range of casinos in Las Vegas that makes this city so amazing. Those who visit without enjoying everything the city has to offer are missing out in a big way! 

Whether traditional hubs of gambling or modern spots that change the idea of what a casino can be, Vegas is packed with variety and guaranteed to hold something for every kind of player.

So, without further ado, let’s get going with our quick guide to Las Vegas in 2021 with a look at some of the city’s very best casinos.


A famous casino unlike any other, the Bellagio is the planet’s top poker spot. Today one of the most beloved casinos in Vegas, the top players in the world come to fight it out for pots that can create a legend in a single moment’s play. This giant of a casino has plenty of eateries, an indoor green space and what could be the most iconic water fountain on the planet, as seen at the climax of one of the top Vegas movies.

Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower

You can see this structure from almost anywhere in Vegas, with the Stratosphere, an imposing tower casino composed of a huge 80,000 square foot. With more than 1,500 slot and video poker offerings, this could just be the premier spot in the city for slots players. Throw in a slew of dining choices, drinking spots and one of the world’s highest roller coasters and it is not hard to see why plenty of gamblers see The Stratosphere as a fine casino.

MGM Grand

Renowned for its casino as well as for its reputation as a top venue for combat sports bouts including the planet’s biggest boxing and MMA fights, the MGM is America’s biggest hotel and one of the nation’s most opulent places to stay. Comprising 171,500 square feet, the MGM is pure luxury.

Indeed, the MGM Grand boasts thousands of slots and card gaming choices as well as America’s premier sports betting zone.

Red Rock Casino

Whilst more than 10 miles from the Las Vegas strip, Red Rock remains a top spot thanks to its some seriously special design features. This enormous, beautiful building is set across 3 acres including a swimming pool and the world’s fanciest bowling alley. Add in a bingo area and a cinema as well as no end of high-end eateries and you have a unique casino to say the least.

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