What Your Ring Says About You According To Chloe Alpert Of Teaman & Company

What Your Ring Says About You According to Chloe Alpert of Teaman & Company

What your engagement ring says about you

Everyone remembers that classic Sex & the City episode when Carrie discovered that the ring Aidan had bought for her was…well..not her at all. It took the help of her best friend Miranda to finally get her what she wanted.

An engagement ring from your partner is supposed to be a representation of his or her love for you but also a visual representation of how well they know your tastes and really you as a person. Picking out a ring is possibly one of the greatest challenges a man will ever face. They get the importance, but sometimes they might need a little help. This is where Chloe Alpert and her company Teaman & Company come into play.

Teaman & Company is a colored gemstone engagement ring company. They pitch themselves as the jeweler to the millennial generation, and are trying to change the way people buy luxury jewelry online. Teaman lets customers try on 3D-printed versions of their rings before they take the leap and buy them. Chloe, who was a natural born entrepreneur says she launched her first company at 15, and her team is trying to change the way people think about gemstones. Our society’s association of diamonds as the only suitable engagement stone is a false one. “Unlike diamonds, colored gemstones are one of a kind,” says Alpert. “There will never be two colored gems the same; they are each as truly unique as a couple’s love. A colored gemstone engagement ring ensures you won’t see another woman wearing a ring identical to yours, and is a way to really differentiate yourself.

Alpert stresses that diamonds aren’t the only precious stones in the world. “Just in the same way diamonds have various prices, some of the finest gemstones can be more expensive than diamonds — it all comes down to quality.” She also points out that style icons such as Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn were all about the colored gems. In fact, it’s clear they’re coming back in style in full force, as big names like Elizabeth Hurley, Halle Berry, and of course Princess Kate herself are donning gorgeous colored engagement rings.

But this is more than just a jewelry company. They are a relationship company and aim to help men and women buy the perfect piece of jewelry for any occasion with the aim to be the company women go to for their first significant jewelry purchase, whether it be for a marriage, anniversary, or graduation. We realize that we’re there for the most important emotional events and milestones in people’s lives – and we take that responsibility seriously. We want to make sure that everything is perfect. 

Teaman wants to help people discover the incredible world of colored gemstones – a fascinating world that often gets looked over. We’ve all heard about sapphires and rubies, but I was absolutely intrigued by the array of other beautiful gemstones seem on their site. Check out the following Teaman gems and find out which one speaks to you:


The awe-inspiring aquamarine woman is graceful and refreshing, as the gem’s bright blue hue projects an aura of calm confidence. Aquamarine was named after the sea, which reflect her qualities as a solid friend, trusted confidante, and go-with-the-flow take on life.


The gorgeous emerald woman is a classic beauty inside and out. She has an alluring energy that draws others in and she inspires them with her independent and charismatic spark, often finding herself on a spontaneous adventure.


This delicate pink beauty exudes a soft exterior, but is strong and pronounced in her elegance. The morganite woman flows effortlessly from day to night surrounded by the many social circles from every part of her on-the-go life.


The queen’s stone. This electric yellow-green gem makes a statement like Cleopatra herself, and the peridot woman leads by example. Always on the quest for the latest quirky pieces, she is an effortless trendsetter and the go-to woman for inspiration.


Luxurious ruby is aged like a fine red wine – it gets better over time. The confident ruby woman is a regal and sexy female, who is deliberate in every aspect of her life. She exudes strength and a natural sophistication.



Sapphire uniquely comes in every color, and the sapphire woman is just as multifaceted. She’s strong, bright, and has the savoir faire for every situation – a true Chameleon. You’ll find the sapphire woman skiing the slopes of Europe, at the Met Gala, and on top of the world.

Spessartite garnet

The rare and bright orange variety of garnet, the stunning spessartite woman has a fiery passion for culture. From Carnivale in Brazil to Coachella, she’s all about life’s beautiful experiences.


Presented in a spectrum of color, the unique spinel woman loves a twist on modern classics. She’s a woman who loves and accepts tradition, but is always looking at ways for a new take on old customs and has no problem carving her own path.


The beautiful purply-blue of tanzanite is truly unique to the stone and the rich victorian color is perfect for the woman who loves the midnight hour. The tanzanite woman is mysterious and lives for the exciting lure of night life.


The beautiful stone that comes in a variety color – including the juicy pink and green watermelon shade. The versatile tourmaline is for the versatile woman. She’s the knowledgeable problem solver, in which her flexibility on numerous subjects make her truly unique and intelligent.



Tsavorite is the green variety of garnet known for its beautifully rich color and gorgeous clarity. The tsavorite woman is clear in her purpose and an avid adventure seeker. You’ll find her on a safari, navigating the globe, and achieving her ambitious goals one by one.

Tell us, what gem you are! Let us know in the comments below!

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