Let’s Talk Statement Hats!

Let’s talk statement hats!


We don’t like to leave our houses without a pair of oversized sunnies and a large coffee to go (extra hot, please!). But recently, we’ve been switching up our accessories and right now we are all about the statement hat. Perfect for preventing hair disasters and adding a pop of personality to an outfit, our latest fashion crush will complement just about any ensemble. This winter, we’ve been turning to Retford & Co. for handcrafted hats with a pop of gorgeous colour. Since we’ve been so obsessed, we knew we had to talk to Retford & Co.’s founder Annabel Leung to get you guys all  the best tips and tricks on rocking a statement hat this season.

“I think a shot of colour is always a show stopper and puts a smile on people’s faces,” says Annabel, when discussing what led her to set up Retford & Co. “To create something new to bring to the market that would suit a wider demographic. Something that’s fresh and fun.”

Statement hats for winterFor us, the best examples of Annabel’s vision are also some of our favorite accessories. Specifically, we’re all about the chocolate wool hat with a fun lavender silk band, accentuated by a gold buckle. For those lazy days when you just want to throw on a white t-shirt, skinny jeans and boots, this hat will amp up your outfit while keeping you warm and cozy. The coloured band adds something to an otherwise boring look and can brighten up a chilly, wintery day.

It can be hard to dress for a beyond busy day, especially when what you’re wearing is the last thing on your mind. For Annabel, a typical day consists of feeding her dog, drinking a cup of tea, checking emails, meeting upons meetings, and spending time with her girlfriends. With such a crazy schedule, we knew she must have a few wardrobe staples: five-inch heels, sunglasses, skinny jeans, a little black dress, and of course the statement hat.

We’ve taken her advice and looked to these staples when running through our most hectic days. For days when you’re transitioning from the office to a night out, Retford & Co.’s black wool hat with the herringbone band and gold buckle is the perfect no-fuss accessory. Not only is it chic, but as an added bonus, you don’t have to update your hair between events (thank goodness for hats, am I right?).

Retford & Co After looking through the collection, we had to find out what exactly inspired Annabel’s latest designs. She said her inspiration came from the London townscape, in particular the beautiful stained glass. It’s easy to see all of this inspiration in all of the coloured bands that accentuate both her wool and straw hats. Her plan for the new year is to produce another six prints and increase the collection by the end of 2015. If that doesn’t inspire you to 1. kick your goals into high gear this coming year and 2. stock up on some adorable hats this January, we don’t know what will.

And while we’ve found that hats give a certain oomph to our outfits this winter, we’ve also come to find that they give us an extra dose of confidence as well. Maybe it’s the mysterious vibe that comes when you’re looking out from under a sultry brim or the unexpected accessory that makes a statement, but either way, our hats have definitely been giving us some extra self-assurance these months.

Annabel has to agree that outfits can totally boost a woman’s confidence. “The outfit needs to be comfortable but also say, ‘I am very much in the room.’ A hat is always a perfect way to announce one’s arrival.”

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