What Savvy Singles In London Are Talking About: Simplicity3

What savvy singles in London are talking about: Simplicity3

Online dating in London - Simplicity3Navigating the waters of online dating can be difficult at best, dangerous at worst. The 21st century has brought us Gen Y women conveniences of having the world at our fingers with the click of a mouse, whether it’s a new pair of shoes or a dress, dinner delivered to your door or even a man, there is little that is not available on the internet. However, just as those shoes may not be quite the colour you expected or the dress may not be true to its size, there’s no knowing what kind of person you might make a connection with online. After all, who doesn’t embellish a little on the Internet? Whether preening for hours to get the perfect “natural” shot for Instagram or convincing your Twitter followers you’re so excited for a quiet weekend when in fact you’re just plain bored, it’s commonly assumed a little white lie here and there is harmless. Which it can be, but when the person you’re flirting with online is also indulging in the lying game, things can go from harmless to terrifying surprisingly fast.

Born out of frustration at the current lackluster and unsecure offering of online dating and a love of matchmaking, entrepreneur Tracey Hill launched her own unique dating platform, Simplicity3“I wanted to create a company that would be an honest brand with all the services and products you could possibly need to make your journey in finding that special someone in a way that is fun, personal, secure and, in turn, far more successful – and so I created Simplicity3.”

With a severe lack of customer service available, Tracey saw a huge gap in the saturated market. “Researching into the online dating industry, I was quite shocked with what I found. In the UK alone, the dating industry turns over 3.7 billion and mostly all it offers is a complex platform for anyone to sign up on and leaves people to go it alone. I couldn’t see where there was a service element for the members parting with money every month.”

As one of the only dating websites in the country that have grown their online database organically, a client’s safety and security always comes first when they register with Simplicity3. It’s comforting to note you have to be accepted to join Simplicity3, you can’t just sign up. “Because of all of our security procedures, we’ve currently stopped 28 dating scammers from accessing the site. That’s 28 people who would have wasted my members’ precious time and possibly put their safety at risk, and 28 scammers who can sign up to mostly every other dating site in the UK today with absolutely no hassle,” explains Tracey.  It’s a scary thought when you consider how many people are signing up for these services every day.

More than just an online dating service, Tracey also offers an executive package that includes personal introductions. Not just the pass time of overbearing Pride and Prejudice era mothers, personal matchmaking is a great way to make a connection with someone who has been chosen especially for you. Online dating is not for everyone and if you feel as though you haven’t the time to spend evening and weekends looking for romance, Tracey can take out the hard work, personally finding someone who she feels would be a good match for your personality and lifestyle. By meeting all personal connections in person, Tracey is able to ensure both parties are compatible and well suited, offering everything from a simple introduction to a fully planned date.

And the services the company offers do not end just there. As well as help with creating an engaging profile, Simplicity3 also offer professional photography to ensure you’re putting your best face forward, style and image consultancy for those who lack confidence in their wardrobe, date planning and most ingeniously, a secure telephone service, Simply Talk, which allows members to speak over the phone without disclosing their personal numbers.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner there can be an air of “finding someone” to make your day special but here at Your Coffee Break we say, break out of the pattern and let Simplicity 3 help you find a connection that will last well beyond a bouquet of roses.

For more information on Simplicty3 and their services visit www.simplicity3.co.uk.

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