How To Set Up A More Productive Office

How to set up a more productive office

how to set up a nice home office There are a lot of things in the world that can distract us but none of those things should be in the place where we are trying to get work done (almost all of us already have to deal with a computer, the biggest distraction of all). Here are some tips for making both your home office and your office at work a more productive and happy place, where you actually want to work.

Get rid of the clutter

Though some studies have shown that some people work better with clutter, the majority of us do not. Organize or get rid of those stacks of papers. Buy cute organization tools if it helps. For example, Jane Work has some adorable filing and storage bins as well as great desk sets and accessories. Make that desk somewhere you want to work!

Don’t multitask

According to a 2001 study conducted by the University of Michigan, worker productivity decreases by 20 to 40 percent as a result of “task switching.” Don’t keep switching activities. Try to pick one task, complete it and then move on. Definitely make a to-do list.

Synchronize all of your calendars

Keep track of all your meetings, clients, events and presentations by synching all of your calendars.

Make sure you have a good light

A well-lit area makes all the difference. Do not pick the darkest corner of the room to set up an office.

Get a great seat

The chair you sit in to do all your work makes the difference. A recent study found that people who sit for the majority of the day were more than half as likely to die of a heart attack, regardless of other health problems. If your chair doesn’t kill you, just by being a chair, it’ll almost certainly make you uncomfortable; A survey conducted by Staples found that 86% of office workers say their furniture, particularly their chairs, causes discomfort. As the Wall Street Journal pointed out recently, “No other piece of workplace furniture evokes stronger physical and emotional attachments than the office chair.” Make sure you get a good one or consider sitting on an exercise ball.

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