A Fabulous New Way To Spend Your Free Time

A fabulous new way to spend your free time

We’ve all been there: clock watching, impatiently sighing and tapping our manicured nails on the table, waiting for something to start but with nothing to do in the meantime.

Those few minutes spent waiting for a client to arrive so you can order your latte, or for the girls to turn up so you can crack open the champagne can feel like hours. So you kill time. How? Applying another coat of nail polish, liking photos you don’t even like that much on Instagram, flicking through an old issue of Vogue. Not hugely productive. We say, take advantage of your free time and do something new and fabulous! For example, how about turning that bit of free time in to a bit of extra cash so that you can finally sign up to that summer class you have been thinking about? Check out Pure Microgaming here and make some money on the side. You’ll quickly become hooked on your new pastime! In that five minute wasting time you might find yourself winning enough money to pay for your client’s coffee.

So if you manage your time correctly (we are of course not in any way advocating playing games instead of working…but a quick game during your coffee break is absolutely fine), you could find yourself enjoying more than one or two games a day, all the white earning yourself a little extra money for your next trip to Selfridges…

Josefin Johansson

Josefin is the Features Manager at Your Coffee Break. She moved to London after pursuing a BA in Journalism & Public Relations at California State University, Northridge, in Los Angeles. When not working for the magazine, Josefin can be found at the gym or in the park - reading through various fashion magazines. With coffee running through her veins, Josefin takes on each day with enthusiasm and style!