The Pink Firm: Where Pink Is Polished

The Pink Firm: Where pink is polished

The Pink Firm

As a working woman in the city, it’s really important to maintain your femininity yet still mean business. OK, so we don’t mean a pink suit à la Elle Woods, but toting a subtle pop of pink around is a gentle reminder that you can still work hard and express yourself in your choice of accessories. The 9-5 girl’s saviour in this situation is The Pink Firm, who have created a bespoke collection of accessories and also homeware- all bearing the signature colour pink in some way. For some pieces, the pink is subtly showing in the lining, whilst others bear the colour proudly in luxurious leathers and covetable textures. For us here at Your Coffee Break it’s so important to add a softness to our staple black blazer and The Pink Firm does just that.

The Pink FirmWe wanted to embrace the beauty in the colour pink as it is one of those colours that can be very uplifting and can work so well with so many other colours.

Founders and designers Sarah Hollier and Annie Allison tell us, ‘We really wanted to demonstrate how elegant the colour pink can be. To quote the eternal style icon, Audrey Hepburn: “We believe in pink” 

With this we can definitely agree, and The Pink Firm have carved out their own niche in the market with sustainability and room for expansion, as they will soon be adding black to their colour roster. The black pieces will not be without their signature pop of pink though, featuring a pink lining that keeps the pieces on the right side of mature and when made with such high quality materials, the girls are keen to make sure nothing is overlooked.

The Pink Firm is in a prime position now where the only way is up from here, they designed and curated the latest collection based on the feedback from customers, adding personal touches and twists to items. No piece is rushed through the design process and everything is checked meticulously against the girls’ criteria for standards, aesthetics and practicality to ensure each item is the best it can be. This consistent attention to detail from Sarah and Annie is what keeps The Pink Firm ahead of its competitors, and the inclusion of homeware allows them to have fun with designing for both men and women, further proving that pink is not just a colour for girly girls. Friends of ours have decorated various rooms in their houses in soft pinks and the way the colour looks with anything from golds to greys just shows how versatile it is.

Further to this, the girls told us that they had always wanted to lead with pink for the brand ‘and be quite bold about it’, which was a key factor in persuading consumers that carrying a pink bag was not the end of their independence as they knew it.

The Pink Firm

We also knew that we would need to offer other colour options to those who prefer alternative colours and that was always our plan.’

It’s a constant cycle of development for the brand, always looking to incorporate new colours, textures and styles meaning that each collection is always different. Sarah and Annie did tease about two upcoming styles available to the website soon: the mini and maxi pouches which we have on our wishlists.

The mini pouch is designed as an easy grab-and-go accessory and the maxi pouch is designed as an alternative to a handbag where you’re less likely to fill it with everything but the kitchen sink!

We’ve already had a play with the latest collection and we had fun mixing and matching to incorporate a touch of pink into our look. Our Features Writer Lauren shows exactly how to work pink into your look without being too girly. The soft hues complement a classic black leather jacket or a simple vest for summer in the office, and here at YCB we can strongly say pink is the warmest colour!

Our favourite justification for purchase is the classic cost-per-wear, because with The Pink Firm we can honestly say we’ll be carrying the Dallas tote around the office for a very long time! Great news for Sarah and Annie then, who revealed they design for ‘independent women who are looking for something that gives an edge to simple, understated elegance that they can enjoy for years to come.’

Describing the brand as ‘Unexpected. Practical. Individual’, it’s intriguing and exciting to see what the label will come up with next, but given their latest collection we are sure it will be a hit. When probed about opening a standalone store the girls said it’s definitely something they would love to do, but until then they will be looking into pop-ups and events to showcase the brand. With covetable accessories and stunning furnishings, the brand has really found its feet and the range can only get bigger and better from here.

Now you can shop The Pink Firm here!

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