This Is How A Dinner Party Is Done – Absolutely Stress Free!

This is how a dinner party is done – absolutely stress free!

Delicious Parties Louise Wilkinson

Nothing makes a good event like amazing wine and delicious food. Keeping everyone well fed and topped up is essential for happy guests, and no one knows it better than catering and event company Delicious Parties’ owner Louise Wilkinson.

“Food is a vital element,” says Louise. “Good quality ingredients, cooked with skill and passion.”

Delicious Parties was born when Louise decided to turn her passion for food and drink into a business that could share that passion with other people. Since 2007, Louise and Delicious Parties’ chefs have made a tour de force, combining their love for food and their knowledge of hospitality into a company that’s now doing everything from Corporate Lunches to Weddings.

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What’s special about Delicious Parties is that everything is organised around you. Yes, no more mad panics the night before your event about having to run to the grocery store or whether you have enough glasses – Louise and her team have it sorted.

“Everything we do is tailored and focused towards the client including offering a service that answers enquiries between 8am-10pm Monday to Friday and 10am-8pm Saturday and Sunday,” Louise explains. “This is really helpful when people have busy lives and jobs. We have found providing this level of customer service really reduces our clients’ stress levels, especially our brides to be!”

As busy ladies like ourselves who don’t have time to balance work and hosting an elaborate dinner party, we love the idea of enjoying your own event! Delicious Parties allow customers to cut the stress and anxiety, and get straight to the partying. Event planning goes beyond the (important, but isn’t everything) food and drink, and even helps you pick out your decorations and venue. This means a consultation that allows you to iron out the practical parts of event planning, where you get a realistic look at how to make your ideas into a reality. Even if you like to be in control, Delicious Parties are happy to let you call the shots with less of the stress. They are experts in getting your event ship-shape, and can even plan events 24 hours in advance.

“We do a quote, negotiate the details and the cost, and make suggestions. Then over the period of planning we touch base with the client to reaffirm their wishes, then we make it happen. The magic is in the secrets. They shouldn’t have to worry – just put on their party shoes!”

27 Organic Notting Hill - Delicious PartiesDelicious Parties also runs a popular dinner club, 27 Organic, currently being held in Notting Hill but that will expand to other locations over the next year. The club began when Louise and Carlo Kamchis decided to work together again after creating a popular pop-up venue back in 2005, Gate Bar and Burgers. Carlo grew up in Greece with much-loved family restaurants, and they both wanted to recreate this atmosphere with fresh, organic ingredients that didn’t cost a bomb. They loved the feel and reputation of the astounding Portobello Organic Kitchen, and so the 27 Organic Dinner Club was born. Happening every 27th of each month the club is becoming increasingly talked about among the foodies of London.

“The Portobello Organic Kitchen is already a great restaurant and Delicious Parties wanted a place to showcase items of their menus. In creating a Dinner Club, potential clients of Delicious could be invited along to try the quality of food, see the presentation and have a taste of our style of service. Plus it gave the current restaurant one night a month where the evening was slightly more special.”

The dinner club is a perfect example of how Delicious Parties go about a fabulous feast – it’s all about fresh food, good company and happy faces at the end of the night. Louise’s experience in the catering industry means that she can anticipate what may go wrong, and work it out for you. And if you’re not yet convinced, then perhaps the opinion of the stars might sway you.

“We recently did the lunch at a photo shoot for Chris Hemsworth (The Avengers) which was fun and a bit different, but I can’t tell you any more than that!”

Delicious Parties is going from strength to strength, and they have big plans for the future. The company is making grown-up packed lunches cool, with their upcoming Luxury Brown Bag Lunch, where customers can stock up on their favourite dishes (hedonistic or healthy), offering workers the chance to have the most stylish packed lunch in the office.

There’s finally an event planner that understands your busy schedule – and is here to work around it. Plus, making you happy keeps Louise happy!

“The best part of my job? When you look around the room and all the guests are smiling, happy and loving their food and drink! A success!”

Natalie Beech

Natalie Beech is a freelance writer and Editor-in-chief of online magazine The Grade ( which covers everything cultural in her hometown Leicester. Currently finishing her degree in Creative Writing and Journalism, she spends any free moments running, cooking and tweeting.