The 15 Netflix Christmas Movies to Watch This Year

The season of cosy blankets and hot chocolates by the fire is upon us and for those staying at home, Netflix has already prepared this year’s round of Christmas movies.

Ahead of Netflix’s next big Christmas special, Best. Christmas. Ever!, set to be released on 16th November, we have looked at global monthly search volumes for the highest-rated Netflix Christmas movies to reveal which ones will be the most popular this festive season.

Top 15 most popular Netflix Christmas movies

RankMovieIMDb Rating (/10)Average Global Monthly Search Volumes
1The Noel Diary6.1117,400
3Christmas with You5.688,900
4Love Hard6.352,300
5The Christmas Chronicles741,050
6Single All the Way6.237,100
7The Princess Switch6.133,240
8El Camino Christmas5.721,100
9A Christmas Prince5.820,300
10Scrooge: A Christmas Carol6.217,350
11Christmas Inheritance5.716,510
13Operation Christmas Drop5.816,120
14Let It Snow5.814,100
15Holiday in the Wild6.213,200

The Noel Diary takes first place for the most popular Netflix Christmas movie, with a whopping 117,400 average monthly searches. Released in 2022, the movie tells a heartfelt Christmas story about a writer who goes back home to settle his mother’s estate and finds a secretive diary that sends him on an unexpected path. While the romantic movie got thousands of searches, it holds an average IMDb rating of 6.1/10.

In second place is Holidate, which managed to generate a total of 94,800 average monthly searches. The romantic comedy follows the story of two strangers, played by Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey, who decide to be one another’s platonic plus ones over the holidays, but feelings quickly get involved. Just like The Noel Diary, Holidate has a 6.1/10 IMDb rating.

With 88,900 average monthly searches (5,900 less than Holidate), Christmas with You comes third. This holiday movie is focused on a pop star who needs an escape and finds herself in a small town, where she manages to find inspiration and possibly, love as well. The movie was released in 2022 and has a rating of 5.6/10 on IMDb.

Following in fourth is the Netflix Christmas special Love Hard, with 52,300 average monthly searches (36,600 less than Christmas with You). Starring Nina Dobrev as the main character, Natalie Bauer, the movie is about a writer from Los Angeles who falls for a guy on a dating app and flies all the way to the East Coast to meet him, only to find she’s been catfished. Boasting a 6.3/10 IMDb rating, Love Hard makes for a great lighthearted Christmas watch.

Rounding off the top five, with 41,050 average monthly searches (76,350 less than The Noel Diary), is The Christmas Chronicles. A fascinating movie, which follows a brother and a sister on their mission to catch Santa on camera. The Christmas Chronicles came out in 2018 and has the highest IMDb rating of all movies in the top 10, 7/10. 

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