The 5 Best Places to Hide Your Christmas Gifts at Home This Festive Season

We all know the dilemma. Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day or someone’s birthday, where’s the best place to hide gifts? We all want to ensure that our kids, significant others or roommates don’t find their presents before the big day.

Those special surprises are even more important as the cost-of-living crisis continues. Research reveals that almost two-thirds of UK adults will be cutting back the amount they spend on gifts this Christmas. We’re prioritising meaningful, personal gifts over expensive treats, giving us more cause than ever to keep our plans secret.

The mounting financial pressure across the UK is also causing many of us to consider shopping for big events like Christmas early. Recent research reveals that 40% of UK consumers have started their Christmas shopping in October. This gives us even more reason to find a reliable hiding place to keep our surprises secret ahead of the big day!

Fitted bedrooms expert The Sliding Door Wardrobe Company reveals some of the greatest hiding places inside your own home. Discover the places where no-one will ever think to look!

Walk-in wardrobes

If you’re lucky enough to have a walk-in wardrobe, this is the perfect place to hide those bigger items. As long as you don’t share the space with the person you’ve bought the gift for, you can also hide clothing items in plain sight! No one is going to notice another dress or suit jacket hanging amongst your normal clothes.

If you’ve got the floor space within your walk-in wardrobe or dressing room, invest in an ottoman with a hidden internal compartment. This is a fantastic hiding place, especially if the ottoman blends with the interior aesthetic of your dressing space. It’s unlikely it would stand out enough to encourage anyone on the hunt for presents to open it up.

The sliding doors on fitted wardrobes add another layer of security. You can keep the doors closed and even invest in a lock for the handles, meaning your secrets remain firmly behind closed doors. If you’re looking to store precious valuables or personal items, you could even invest in a safe to place on one of your shelves, keeping prying eyes out.

Apparently worthless items

Before you throw away empty tubes and packaging, consider them as a crafty hiding place. With a pair of scissors, you can cut into old plastic tubes that previously held makeup, sunscreen, shampoo or even food and drink, creating a small opening and inner hollow to stash your secrets. Place the tubes back in your bathroom cupboard, with the opening at the back. Just be sure to give the inside of the tubes a good clean before placing anything precious inside!

You could even hide small valuable presents in things like cereal boxes. If you always have backup boxes of your favourite cereal, pasta or other food, this is a great opportunity to hide items in plain sight. Simply place your small presents in an empty box and pop it where you usually store your backups. These tips are also great if you’re hiding valuables when you go on holiday!

False drawers

A drawer with a false bottom is a crafty addition to any home. It makes a brilliant hiding spot for smaller items, such as tickets to a special event or that pair of obligatory Christmas socks.

While your loved ones might think about checking through your chest of drawers for prettily-wrapped gifts, it’s unlikely they’ll be nosy enough to try and prise the base of the drawer apart! This hiding spot is also a great trick for hiding personal items you’d rather your snooping mother-in-law didn’t find. Plus, it’s a great place for storing important documents or cash that may be at risk of theft during a break-in.

Secret staircases

If you want to live your true Disney princess fantasy, consider creating a secret staircase hiding spot. Just like Disney’s Rapunzel was able to hide her beautiful crown in her secret step compartment, you too can hide your valuables in your staircase.

This hack only works if your staircase is wooden and you’re handy with a set of DIY tools. And if it’s accessible to you, it’s a fantastic place to hide presents, valuables and secrets! You can disguise the step compartment even further by pinning a runner to your steps or painting a pattern or design on your wooden steps, just as Rapunzel painted her tower.

Murphy beds

If you have a conveniently located vertical Murphy bed that isn’t in regular use, you have a ready-made hiding space! Simply remove the mattress and bedding and you have significant space to hide those larger gifts.

An extra bonus with this tip is that an enterprising burglar is unlikely to check inside the Murphy bed for laptops, game consoles or boxes of expensive jewellery. You could even paint or decorate the outside of your vertical Murphy bed to blend with the rest of the wall. This will help to boost both the security and the aesthetic of your home.

Try out one of these fantastic hiding places in the run-up to Christmas to make sure those precious, important gifts remain a secret until the big day!

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