How Paint by Numbers Can Improve Your Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness is about being mentally aware and alert of what is happening around you in the present moment. It means you can concentrate on what is at hand without any distractions. This kind of concentration can be hard to achieve, especially for people who worry too much or tend to overthink. When you are not mindful, your mind easily drifts from the present moment, whether it is a lecture, a conversation, or even a film! When you entertain little stresses in your life, you constantly think about them, jumping from one to the other. For instance, you could be attending an event only to find that you did not hear a thing the speaker was saying because your mind drifted into something someone said to you weeks ago or that school project your child wants help with. 

Anxiety and stress are the main culprits stealing mindfulness from many people. Whereas the hustle and bustle of life make it totally understandable, there is an importance in finding a healthy balance between all parts of your life. When you fail to find that balance, you will have a hard time getting anything done, thus leaving you in a messy, chaotic, totally frustrating life. Some of the things people do to improve mindfulness include meditation. But even as effective as meditation can be, a good number of people still find it hard to incorporate it into their mindfulness practice simply because it involves maintaining silence, focusing, and concentrating. 

Paint by number is the other method of achieving mindfulness. As the name suggests, it involves painting well-laid presentations following numbers and colours. The images are presented in shapes, with each shape marked with a number that guides you to the colour you are supposed to use on it. Paint by number sets come complete with brushes and paint pots, so all you have to do is paint out the colours in their rightful places to bring out the image when you are all done. You can find hundreds of paint by number on this website. As childish and simple as it might seem, it is actually a very effective method of helping you focus on the present moment promoting mindfulness in the long run. 

What sets apart the art of painting by numbers from practices such as meditation is the physical effort required from you. It requires physical involvement from you and not just mental concentration. It is what makes it possible for people to remain focused on the task at hand and achieve the end results eventually without the mind drifting to other things. Paint by numbers helps with improving mindfulness through the following:

Lowering stress levels 

When you have something interesting going on and can’t wait to see the results, your stress levels tend to reduce, which is always good for the mind. This is among the things painting by numbers effortlessly achieves. 

Reducing overthinking

Taking your mind off day-to-day stresses is very important. Over-thinkers have a rough time with mindfulness because apart from worrying about today, they go overboard with yesterdays, tomorrows, and the future in general. It can be too much for the brain to take in, and when you find an exciting distraction like painting, you can reduce harmful overthinking and keep mindfulness going. 

Clearing mental clutter

When painting by numbers, you will find yourself immersed in the activity because you have to colour within the lines and ensure you use the right colours for the picture to come out perfectly. This kind of concentration is perfect for disengaging mental clutter that makes you anxious, chaotic, and irritable. In addition, when you move from one part of the painting to the next, carefully painting, your mind tends to feel more organised and relaxed. 

Protecting against anxiety and depression

When your stress levels, overthinking, and mental clutter are reduced, your brain is protected from depression and anxiety. When left unattended, the two can have disastrous outcomes, making it very important for everyone to try everything possible to avoid them or quickly get out of them. Painting by numbers makes an excellent channel for maintaining your mental health.

Calming and pleasing the mind

There is really nothing as joyous as seeing your masterpiece coming together in harmony after hours of concentration. Painting is a joyous activity that offers deep satisfaction, which in turn beautifully calms the mind. The paintings are also easy to use and have everything you need for the painting, reducing the chances of frustration and losing interest. You will find your way around the painting as soon as you open up your canvas. Whether you decide to paint alone or with family, you will be surprised at how amusing, joyous and satisfying the activity is. When you are happy and calm, mindfulness comes easy. 

Painting by numbers, without a doubt, increases mindfulness and creativity. You will love that you can create a masterpiece even without prior experience in art. By constantly tapping into those alpha brain waves, you will develop a calm, focused, and goal-oriented state of mind.

Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.