Tips for Organising a Remarkable Memorial Service 

When the task of organising the memorial service falls on your shoulders, it can be challenging. You may be grieving the loss of your loved one yourself, and you might not have the necessary resources and knowledge to start efficiently, but you know that someone has to take the lead. The success of the memorial service lies squarely in your ability to coordinate and resolve concerns as they crop. 

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Here are a few things you must consider when organising a memorial service.


One of the primary considerations is the venue where you will hold the memorial service. Some people prefer it in a chapel or at a church. Some would like the memorial service to take place at home or the funeral home. Some would use an open-air venue which was memorable to the deceased. Whichever venue you choose, what’s important is you choose a location that’s accessible and large enough to accommodate people. 


Depending on the religious affiliation of the deceased, it might be essential to request a minister or a priest to oversee the rituals. To ensure that the dearly departed will be accorded the final rites properly, it’s necessary to look into such details. 


Memorial services gather people close to the departed and reminisce about the great times they shared. However, memorials don’t have to be an event that makes everyone cry. Instead, they should be occasions where people could freely express their best memories of the departed. Choose speakers who can share anecdotes that can make people laugh or cry as they try to share their relationship with the departed. The more meaningful the memory they can share, the better. 

Food and beverages

Even memorial services need food and beverages to be shared among those gathered. You can hire a caterer, or you can request attendees to bring their potluck contributions. Try not to serve alcoholic beverages and have an assortment of food for the people to appreciate. 

Music and readings

Music is an integral part of a memorial service as it will set the mood and help soothe the pain of the passing. You can make the memorial service showcase the music the departed loved during his lifetime. You can arrange the music to tell their story. It would be an excellent way to reminisce about the departed. 

Tribute video

Another thing that many families appreciate is a tribute video. You can ask people for photos and have someone create a video presentation. This can serve as a centrepiece during the memorial service, and it will make it more meaningful.


Organising a memorial service while mourning can be challenging. If you wish to hold a meaningful service, you must consider several things.

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