Learning to Drive in 2022: Useful Benefits & Driving Tips

In the world today, learning to drive is one big achievement that you can make in your life. The one who knows how to drive gets to wear the crown of responsibility, freedom and many others. If you wish to go on road trips with your friends or go on adventurous trips by car, then driving is a must-have skill. 

The journey of learning to drive is a transformative experience that not only builds confidence but also imparts crucial knowledge about road safety. Mastering the skill of driving can significantly influence different aspects of your life, enabling you to seamlessly transition to a new home, pursue exciting job opportunities, and much more. As you embark on this educational adventure, consider supplementing your preparation with valuable resources, such as those available at https://www.driverknowledge.co.uk/theory-test-practice/, to ensure a well-rounded understanding of the rules of the road.

In this article, you will learn the benefits of learning how to drive, tips for the first driving lesson, and how long it can take you to learn how to drive.

4 benefits of learning how to drive

1. You can cut out your current commute expenses

While owning, running and maintaining your car can be expensive, annual train tickets and bus passes can be costly too. Even though petrol, insurance, and maintenance can be pricey, sometimes the benefits of owning a car outweigh relying on public transport to get to your destination. 

2. Driving gives you more freedom and independence

After learning how to drive, there will be no need for you having to wait for your parents, friends, or partner to drop you off and pick you up. It will also be so unnecessary to get a lift from your friends because you can drive yourself. It will be easier to run your errands as you will no longer rely on others for transportation. However, you should learn that having this privilege also comes with responsibility. Some drivers abuse this privilege and neglect their own and others’ safety while driving. They may even need to hire a criminal law attorney or dui lawyers if they get arrested for drunk driving. An OVI Lawyer can help build a defense strategy for drivers who are facing dui charges.

Owning a car and learning how to drive will take you places and will in turn make you have some sense of freedom. You would also be going on safe and peaceful road trips on your own to get away from everyone and everything. Moreover, you could even experience some of the best road trips in the UK yourself, such as the Scottish North Coast and The Black Mountain Pass, and have the chance to drive to some beautiful destinations whenever you feel like it.

3. You can reach better career goals

Your skills in driving and having a driver’s license play a crucial role in landing you your ideal job. There are many jobs available that rely on an employee to be able to drive and have access to your own car. Depending on your career goals, there are also many jobs related to driving too. People can take jobs as delivery drivers, taxi drivers, valet parking, bus drivers, and much more. If you are looking to boost your career goals, then having a valid driving licence can open many doors and opportunities for you. 

4. You will be able to attend more social events

When you want to go out with friends, often public transport is relied upon for ease but can have its downsides. Often people have to cancel or rearrange plans around bus timetables, last trains, and Sunday travel service. All these downsides don’t matter when you are able to drive yourself. Although you will have to start paying car park prices, having access to your own car means you can attend more social events that might have been difficult to access in the past. 

Useful tips before having your first driving lesson

1. Get to know the basic layout of a car

Cars can be slightly different from one another, but many tend to have the same sort of layout and equipment. For example, all cars in the UK, for instance a new Peugeot will have a steering wheel, mirrors, pedals, and dashboard instrument panel. Before taking your first driving lesson, if you can, try sitting in someone’s car and learning what it’s like to sit in the driver’s seat. If you want to learn automatic, it’s best to sit in an automatic and see the difference from a manual car. Get to know the basics for what your instructor might ask you such as turning the engine on and adjusting your mirrors.

2. Eat food and drink water before your driving lesson

Ensure you have had something to eat and water before your driving lesson. This will help you perform better and think clearly by being hydrated. You wouldn’t wish to lose focus while driving because you are hungry or thirsty.

3. Always wear appropriate shoes

When driving it’s important to wear comfortable shoes which will allow you to move your feet freely. Learner drivers should avoid wearing heels, heavy boots, and sandals, that can impact how they drive and work the pedals.

How long does it take to learn how to drive

When it comes to driving, some people might decide to book manual driving lessons as soon as they’re old enough while some might wait a bit longer until they’re older and more comfortable. Each driver is different so how long it takes to learn how to drive varies for each person. The same goes for passing theory and driving tests – some drivers pass first time, others might take a few times to get it right.

Every driver is different but it is suggested that learning how to drive can take approximately 45 hours of professional lessons while practicing how to drive can take you up to 20 hours. This can be spread out to three or four months. However, everyone is different as it will depend on how long it takes you to grasp the driving skills. Some drivers might be quick to pick things while others may take a bit longer. 

Anabel Cooper

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